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Visiting Teaching Handouts

These are current and past messages.  Since the messages are always timely, they are good to use anytime for a pick-me up, information, for a new sister or especially for letter routes. 

Feel free to print, share, download, email to others.  ©

Marsha Grover Steed Keller

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VT 2 18.pdf

VT 3 18.pdf

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VT 7 18.pdf

VT 8 18.pdf

VT 9 18.pdf

VT 10 18.pdf

VT 11 18.pdf

VT 12 18.pdf



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VT 7 17.pdf

VT 8 17.pdf

VT 9 17.pdf

VT 10 17.pdf

VT 11 17.pdf

VT 12 17.pdf

Jan 2018 MGSK




VT 1 16.pdf

VT 2 16.pdf

VT 3 16.pdf

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VT 5 16.pdf

VT 6 16.pdf

VT 7 16.pdf

VT 8 16.pdf

VT 9 16.pdf

VT 10 16.pdf

VT 11 16.pdf

VT 12 16.pdf








VT 1 15.pdf

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VT 7 15.pdf

VT 8 15.pdf

VT 9 15.pdf

VT 1 15.pdf

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VT 12 15.pdf



VT 1 14.pdf

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VT 6 14.pdf

VT 7 14.pdf

VT 8 14.pdf

VT 9 14.pdf

VT 10 14.pdf

VT 11 14.pdf

VT 12 14.pdf





VT 1 13.pdf

VT 2 13.pdf

VT 3 13.pdf

VT 4 13.pdf

VT 5 13.pdf

VT 6 13.pdf

VT 7 13.pdf

VT 8 13.pdf

VT 9 13.pdf

VT 10 13.pdf

VT 11 13.pdf

VT 12 13.pdf









VT 1 12.pdf

VT 2 12.pdf

VT 3 12.pdf

VT 4 12.pdf

VT 5 12.pdf

VT 6 12.pdf

VT 7 12.pdf

VT 8 12.pdf

VT 9 12.pdf

VT 1 12.pdf

VT 11 12.pdf

VT 12 12.pdf









VT 1 11.pdf

VT 2 11.pdf

VT 3 11.pdf

VT 4 11.pdf

VT 5 11.pdf

VT 6 11.pdf

VT 7 11.pdf

VT 8 11.pdf

VT 9 11.pdf

VT 10 11.pdf

VT 11 11.pdf

VT 12 11.pdf



VT 1 10.pdf

VT 2 10.pdf

VT 3 10.pdf

VT 4 10.pdf

VT 5 10.pdf

VT 6 10.pdf

VT 7 10.pdf

VT 8 10.pdf

VT 9 10.pdf

VT 10 10.pdf

VT 11 10.pdf

VT 12 10.pdf





VT 1 09.pdf

VT 2 09.pdf

VT 3 09.pdf

VT 4 09.pdf

VT 5 09.pdf

VT 6 09.pdf

VT 7 09.pdf

VT 8 09.pdf

VT 9 09.pdf

VT 10 09.pdf

VT 11 09.pdf

VT 12 09.pdf









VT 1 07.pdf

VT 2 07.pdf

VT 3 07.pdf

VT 4 07.pdf

VT 5 07.pdf

VT 6 07.pdf

VT 7 07.pdf

VT 8 07.pdf

VT 9 07.pdf

VT 1 07.pdf

VT 11 07.pdf

VT 12 07.pdf









VT 1 06.pdf

VT 2 06.pdf

VT 3 06.pdf

VT 4 06.pdf

VT 5 06.pdf

VT 6 06.pdf

VT 7 06.pdf

VT 8 06.pdf

VT 9 06.pdf

VT 1 06.pdf

VT 11 06.pdf

VT 12 06.pdf
















PDF Monthly Visiting Teaching Message Handouts

Visiting Teaching Interview Suggestions
Helps for Visiting Teachers

        "It is clearer to me, on a daily basis, that if we are to become a Zion people, we must go to our brothers and sisters and serve them. We are to be a tool in the hands of the Lord; for His purposes, not ours. Losing yourself in the quiet service of others is what home (visiting) teaching is! We go to the homes (this does not mean specific houses) and hearts of the people and serve them. We become so busy in heaven's teaching process that we all come together as a Zion people."   -Jon Fish


“These home (visiting) teaching moments might come in the grocery store, at the side of the road, at some school function or church activity, a game or social. Can you see the vision of this? Can you feel the influence of serving your fellowman (sisters)? To help lighten their load one once at a time? Some will say, 'I don't have the time to do this for four families! My own family needs me more." I agree, if you do it the world's rigid way. There is no time to do it methodically and robotically. It must be done as the Spirit prompts, when the Spirit prompts, and be by whatever means is available in your own capacities and abilities. Please give this some prayerful consideration. The Spirit will direct you that these things are true. Home (visiting) teaching is serving - serving in a million little, varied, and different ways."------Jon Fish


To Keep in Mind...

1) Seek the Spirit; Remember this is the Lord's work;

2) Seek answers from the Scriptures.

3) Discuss stewardship and encourage the Visiting teacher to do this also.

4) Stress confidentiality, friendship and sisterhood.;

5) Challenge each in the spirit of love, to commit to a specific area of Improvement.;

6) Let each know of your love and concern.



You Have Been Called...

We do not apologize for giving you this Job. You have been offered a blessing. Work with all your heart. A Half-hearted job will not do. The Lord requires quality workmanship. Satan only encourages shoddy performance. Success is achieved when we do our best job with a strong heart, without reservation. You can do anything you set your mind and heart to do. Carry forward this assignment as though your life depended on it. Really it does! Because you are a child of God you are more powerful than you realize.

You are set apart because you believe in the greatest business on earth -- 'Our Father's Business"  Keep God's work in your hand so that everyone you touch will be uplifted.  List the things that are holding you back in your work; then eliminate them.  Overcome the "BUTS" in your life. (" I could have don it well, BUT... I was busy") It takes time and energy to alibi and find fault. Spend your energies in positiveness. Don't worry about the Lord being on your side; you just be on His.

Get good ideas; then present them effectively. Use your personality -- your eyes, your smile, the handshake, and high motives.
An important part of persuasion is personal testimony. Use it often.
~Remember, mind your "Ps and Q's" -- Prayer, promptness, persuasion, push, praise, promise, perfection, practice, power and purity, -- Quiet, Quick, Quality, Quest.

Meet your sisters in church on the "Lord's Day." But learn that "he who doeth the works of righteousness shall recieve his reward, even peace in this world, and eternal life in the world to come."
"But unto him that keepeth my commandments I will give the mysteries of my  kingdom, and the same shall be in him a well of living water, springing up unto everlasting life." (D&C 63:23)

God does not begin by asking us about our ability, but only about our availability, and if we then prove our dependability, he will increase our capability. ~Author Unknown

What do I DO?
A Visiting Teachers Inspiration Guide:
By Marsha Steed

A few answers to the question... 

" What do I DO when I visit my sisters? What can I bring them to reinforce the message or to give them a lift for the day? How can I serve them effectively?  What do I say?"

Question: What can I BRING?

Poems: ( see below ) 

A wonderful thing to give is a poem that applies to the message, often poetry touches the soul in a deeper way than mere lessons.


Sometimes just a quick quote or thought attached to a picture or a useful item is enough to keep the message fresh in the mind.


These are usually humorous and `pun'ny. They can be attached to an actual item or a drawing or some other small gift.


Everyone likes a treat now and then. A thoughtful gift just to say "I care about you and think about you when I'm not here."

Question: How can I SERVE?


There are many things we can physically DO for each other, be aware of the physical needs also.

Listen: When a sister mentions a favorite hobby, food, or activity: When she mentions that a member of her family has a special activity, accomplishment or trial. 


Don't be afraid to ask questions. People like to talk about themselves, their families and their activities.


When you DO learn something, remember to ask about it at a later date, remember special occasions and birthday's. A phone call is often enough.

Question: What do Say?

Read the lesson before you go.  ( http:/ - if you don't take the Ensign ) Give the lesson from the Ensign.  Simply summerize what you thought about when you read it. DO NOT read the whole thing.  Many women are Visiting Teacher's themselves, they have already read the lesson many times.  Share, don't lecture. 

1. Choose one part that you enjoyed.
2. Ask a question about what they think.
3. Allow your companion to offer thoughts.
4.  Let your sister offer her ideas, VTing is about her, not about you.

Here are just a few poems for you to begin with:

The Touch of the Masters Hand:

Whenever your life is out of tune - and no melody sooths your soul - 
Look to the Master, whose gentle hands Will bless you and make you whole.
Like an old violin, with so little worth, A life may be far less than grand - But may be transformed in a moment you see, by the Touch of the Master's Hand. ~Myrna Brooks Welch


This radio set called prayer,

Is designed

for remarkably simple repair.

When the lines fail,

There is no doubt,

Which half of the set

is out.

 ~Carol Lynn Pearson


In every block of marble

I see a statue.

I see it before me,

shaped and

perfect in attitude and 

action. I have but to hew

away the rough walls

Which imprison the lovely

apparition, to reveal it to other eyes

as mine already see it. -

 *- Michelangelo

Ideas for Treats /One liners

I have seen that gingham material so often before, And yet today, I looked at it for the first time. Each tiny individual square.. alone... is nothing. The squares must be put together.. as one. This is to form something greater than just one square. Together we stand ... needing one another and needing to be needed. Like the squares in the gingham, we must join together. Sharing our love, talents, weaknesses and strengths. With this we build something greater than ourselves.

( give a square of gingham)


You make a difference, my friend, yes you, whether a soul will deflate or fly.

The power is within you to help someone soar, and this is the reason why.

You are a child, a daughter of God, a sister to all around. It's up to you to show them the way, to create a world where love will abound.

You make a difference, my friend, yes you.


Don't deflate souls with any hot air. Instead, encourage and help to inflate, by expanding ideas that are theirs.

They too are children, children of God, with beautiful spirits within,

and they must know just who they are,

and the blessings that await them in heaven.

(give with a balloon)


  1. Their favorite candy bar
  2. A flower from your garden.
  3. A set of three pieces of stationary and envelopes
  4. A candle

Where is this?


Here are a few thoughts to inspire your imagination:

Lord, help me to resist the temptation to make a mountain out of a molehill-- simply by adding a little dirt.

When you start to dream in detail, it becomes planning.

Be content with little, but wish for more

Only wise people know when to say; I don't know.

A sharp mind and a sharp tongue seldom go together.

You are poor when your only wealth is money.

Lost time is never found again.\\ Learn, then teach. Barbara Smith

Pay less attention to what people SAY and more to what they DO.

Through knowledge comes understanding. Darryl Hoole
Knowledge unused is scarcely worth having; but knowledge once used leaps into light and life and becomes a bright flame to guide and help man. John A. Widtsoe

People do not really care how much you know until they know how much you care. Hartman Rector Jr.

It does not matter how many talents we have, what matters is how we use them. Paul H. Dunn

To share with a friend is to see twice the beauty.

It is better to ask some of the questions than to know all the answers?

Always forgive your enemies--Nothing annoys them as much.!

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