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What is New at Chantaclair's?
Updated Sept 19, 2001 
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Greetings.  Thank you for checking back often. 
My daughter reminded me that I've not kept thisupto date. . . whoops. . . 
I'm still working on  getting a working guest book going and individual counters on each page. 
Thanks to each of you who have sent me suggestions.  They have helped. 

I've moved the latest additions to the top.  I hope that is convenient. 

Check back often, I'm working hard! 

April 22, 2001 Adjusted several broken links - Added a new ward given by the Avachyle Adventure on the Gifts page
April 25, 2001 Added the BALANCE Poetry Chapbook. - Beware, it is a large page but well indexed.
April 27, 2001 Finished Toralea and added the beginnings of the MUSIC page
April 28, 2001 Updated some images on Kevin's page.  Added the Thanks page for those who sign the guest book.  Reloaded all the images on ALAN and Laura's Wedding pages
April 29, 2001 Updated broken links and published the NEW Ezine 12 Ezine 12 page.  Added the Platinum Business Opportunity
May 5 Added the CITIZENS page for the Delium Pages.  Lots of Character pages linked and created. Sanerium Ashtanon
May 15, 2001 Published the NEW Ezine 13  for mother's day Ezine 13 page.  Added the Platinum Business Opportunity
May 18, 2001 Added Many  Affiliate links to the LINKS page.  If you shope at any of these places, please support the Ezine, by slipping in through my Parlor door.  Thanks. 
May 20, 2001 Updated the Music page with my next year's season at the choral society,.  and added a better menu.  Also Improved several small things. 
May 21, 2001  Uploaded my Paintings and Sketches
June, 2001 Uploaded the Piano Pedagogy page for my Piano Teaching Business
June, 28,2001   I made a page for Poetic Forms.  Informational. 
July 3, 2001 Wrote some new Poetry and Added it to the Slide Show Poetry3.htm  ~Poetry36.htm~ Poetry37.htm~Poetry38.htm
July 11, 2001 Started updating my Design Example pages. ~ - Barcelona - Mindseye - Granello Bakery - LDM
July 24th, 2001 Tried to Work on the Angel Story page, it still doesn't work properly and I'm not cert  ain why. 
July 25, 2001 Worked on a new Graphic for Crystal and Brandon's Pages - Started fixing Crystal's WISH page.
July 26, 2001 Finished the Musical's Page - All the Musical's I've seen with comments
July 28, 2001 Added many of my STORIES to the Story pages. 
Aug 14, 2001 Edited Crystal's Page Two. - Still not finished though
Aug 3,  2001  Updated many of the EZINES - Of course added Vol 16
Aug 15, 2001 Added August Monthly Muse - are you reading each month?
Aug 17 2001  FINALLY Re-loaded Crystal's RECEPTION page images Enjoy!!
Aug 20 2001 Updated  the Directory and other pages for our Barcelona Community
Aug 20 2001 Hugs and Hope page - Design examples
Aug 21 2001 Updated  ~Janeal    ~Kevin  ~Derek's   ~Derek2   ~Derek3   ~Crystal  pages. 
Aug 23 2001  Began our Travel Pages - With Dublin and London 
Aug 23 2001   Fixed links on the Chapel pages, esp, Testimony and Articles of Faith
Aug 23 2001 Added Design pages of ~ Feather -~  BiblePhotography ~ Victorian Calling Cards
Sept 12 2001 Worked on the TRAVEL pages some more - Sweden; New York;Copenhagen; London;Paris; Acapulco; Key West Florida
Sept 15 2001   Made a THUMBNAIL page of all of the Parlor Ezine Archives.  Now you can find your favorite issue quickly. 
Sept 21 2001 Added a Haiku page
Sept 21 2001  Updated and fixed many mistakes and broken images Janeal found for me. 
Sept 22 Found a Hmm page, and revamped it.  Unfortunately I don't know where it came from, but the information is cool. If you know, let me know? 
Sept 22 2001  Worked diligently on the SiteMap - I think every page is now listed there.  Whew! 
August 27, 2000  Added the Coast Design Page Updated several other problem pages and added templets for NEW pages. 
March 28, 2000 Finished the Chapel Page
April 1, 2000 Added the Geometric Design page
April 8, 2000 Added the Slate blue Design page.  Adjusted some problems in other pages   Began the Boutique page. 
July 2000 Worked on several pages, updating links and giving the index a new look
July 23, 2000 added the Message boards For a place to tell stories and add on your own.
August 10, 2000 Updated Family Pages; Linked Derek's Accident
August 20, 2000 Updated the Ezine Intro Chantaclair's and offered a subscription form 
August 24, 2000 Updated Our House page, uploaded images. 
August 26, 2k Linked Crystal's Wedding; CLeaned up old pages.
September , 30, 2k Made Alan and Laura's Wedding Pages
October 21, 2k Updated from the old server, added Janeal's Page, updated the Boutique.
Feb 21 2001 Well, I'll just catch up here a moment.  My server, 'Hoyellow98' went down without notice.  I then had to frantically rebuild what I could from my site.  It was pretty disappointing.  Unfortunately I hadn't saved everything, so much is missing and/ or/ broken.  Be patient with the rebuild.  Many pages are back up, many on the works.  I don't really want to list them all here.  See the SITEMAP  for a better glance. 
March 10 2001 I added Mom's Historic Fashion  pages and fixed Janeal's and Crystal's and Derek's pages. Also added the graphics for the Family pages and updated them.
March 10 2001 The RPG notes for a structured RPG Melancholy Inflamed pages of instructions and submission notes.
March 28 2001 I've been working hard, and have updated the Pins pages with stories for each pin.  Go to Pintales for the menu. 
I also updated my Poetry pages with a slide show.  It isn't perfect yet, I'm still working on the sizing and timing. 
I have added a Photos page, a bit of a vanity but with requests for pictures of me I thought it would be fun.  I'll be adding other members of my family later. 
I also updated and fixed many broken links on lots of different pages. 
I added many business opportunities in my Boutique at the  Links pages.  Try some of them out and earn a penny or two with me. 
I updated and refreshed the Terms and Conditions page, to more accurately reflect the Parlor. 
There is now a Shop with an Order Form for the Victorian Pins. 
I added an archive for my Drawing room Muses of the month, so you can go back and read some of them if you wish.  I think eventually I'm going to put them on one page. 
I began on the Delium Roleplaying pages, with the Delium page revamped and the Mabon Darkfall page completed.  Many to come of course. 
I reloaded the Map page and changed the backgrounds.
Probably more, but that is the lion's share of my weeks work.  On to the future! 
March 31, 2001 I was honored to receive two Awards of excellence this month.  I decided to make a page for them to show off my appreciation. Gifts.htm
April 1, 2001 Updated some of the Parlor 8  Pages, Added Ezine Issue 11.  Updated the Copyright Page and Got the Drawing and Painting pages back up with images. 
April 3, 2001 Updated and fixed links on the Fashion pages.  Added a page for my great grandmother Peterson.  Added the Wedding Fashion page.   Completed the Slide Show, on the Poetry pages. 
April 6, 2001 Updated the Chapel pages and added a page on the Welfare system of the Church.  What you can DO to help. 
April 9, 2001 Updated some of the Design pages.  Began categorizing them and setting up templates for uploading the sets.

Added the Ward Music Page, with music picked out for a full year's program.  Check back, I'll be adding Program's I've written for Christmas and Easter Soon.
Updated the Calligraphy Page, a beginning anyway. 

April 11, 2001 Added a 100Books Page about  100 of the world's best books. 
April 19, 2001 Added the Insults page.  Shakespearean Insults to call your friends. 
April 21, 2001 Added this years Easter Program "I am John" 

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