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Issue 22 Sept 2004

Summer's End

An Ezine of Poetry, Humor, Recipes, Hints, Links

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The hardest years in life are those between ten and seventy.

-Helen Hayes (at 73)-



Link for the Month

Victorian Eras - Finally figure out the difference between Elizabethan and Victorian and GEORGIAN Eras.

Next Month: -



Chantaclair's Musings


It seems that I always turn back to my pages and sharing sometime in the fall.  As the colours change and the weather becomes more to my liking, my motivation increases somehow.  I love the sounds, from wind blowing to leaves rustling, to raindrops pattering and children scurrying back to school.  I adore the scents of harvest and the earthier tastes of garden vegetables and squashes, ripened tomatoes and sweet end-of-season grapes.  The colours are my very favourite.  The rich jewel tones of winter my second.  I love the rich deep hues of reds and oranges, mauves and golden yellows. 

There is also something refreshing about the return to another season.  The continuation of revolutions that continue on heedless of trial, joys, births, deaths, sickness or health.  The world simply goes on its merry way, and we have little to say about it.  That is somehow reassuring. 

As I move into my fall, and take out my beloved jackets and scarves, gloves and layers, I'll also be wrapping myself in the friendships that have lasted through the years, the loving support of family and friends, and the rich abundant harvest that I enjoy from my years soujourn.  May your fall be as delightful as I anticipate mine to me. 



--<--{© 2004 MRS

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"It seems to me that January resolutions are about will; September resolutions are about authentic wants." ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

As I mentioned, I love September.  It seems like a new beginning to me.  This isn't exactly a conscious 'tradition' but I"ve found that through the years, I actually DO tend to 'nest' a little and to seek out comforts and things just for ME, as the fall drifts into my world.  Here is a hint from Sarah :

"Make work nicer with an assortment of teas and cocoa, prettying up your workspace, making a comfort drawer of things like sewing kit, extra hose, chocolate bar, and notecards, creating a toy box for work, packing a cosmetic bag for the office, playing music, using aromatherpy and feng-shui (Sept. 29)"

Since I just finished an aromatherapy class last night, I am all in favour of bringing more scents into your world.  There truly are healing properties in what is provided to us. 

Read Diane Ackerman's Natural History of the Senses, (excellent and elegant choice)  visit a hat store, buy new underthings to replace old ones, buy a new CD, find a new perfume.

Next month, : Halloween Traditions. I'd love to have you send in Here something that you or your family does to Celebrate the witchy season. 

 Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you. ---<-{@ M

Tip for the Month

Nighttime is the best time to take a daily aspirin to protect your heart. In a recent study, people whit mild hypertension who waited until bedtime to take an aspirin lowered their blood pressure by an average of 7 points after three months.  Those who did not take it or took it in the morning, showed no change.  Check with your Dr.

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Your Money

Want to reach your financial goals faster?  Try the "Rule of 72" to get you there.  It is simple.  It can tell you how long it will take your investment to double, assuming it is not taxed. 

Divide 72 by the rate of your investment (8% for example).  In this case, your investment will double in 9 years. (72/8=9)

If you are in a 33% tax bracket it will take 50% longer to double your money.  That is called 72/33/50 Rule. Calculate it using the 'Rule of 72" then add 50%.  What would take 9 years without tax will take 13.5 years taxable.

Year 8%
72/8=9 (72/8) + (9x.05) = 13.5
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Some favorite messages spotted on church signs or billboards, submitted by Beliefnet members:

-Fire Insurance Inside
-This Church Is Prayer Conditioned
-God Answers Knee Mail
-PRAY NOW! Avoid Christmas Rush!
-Sign broken, come inside for message
-This is a ch--ch. What's missing? U R!
-Stop in the name of love and meet the Supreme
-Wal-Mart's not the only savings place
-The best position is on your knees!


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Quick and Easy

Recipes - Snickerdoodle Cookies

1 1/2 cups Sugar

1 cup Shortening -- soft

2 each Eggs

2 3/4 cups Flour

2 teaspoons Cream of tartar

1 teaspoon Baking soda

1/2 teaspoon Salt

2 tablespoons Sugar

2 teaspoons Cinnamon

Preheat oven to 375F.

Mix 1 1/2 c. sugar, shortening and eggs. Stir in flour, cream of tartar, and soda. Chill dough. Roll dough into balls the size of walnuts. Combine 2 t. sugar and cinnamon. Roll cookies in this mixture.

Bake for 8-10 mins., cool completely on wire racks.

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Quote for the Month ~

Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, Or what's a heaven for?
- -- Robert Browning

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Did you know. . .

In a study of 200,000 ostriches over a period of 80 years, no one reported a single case where an ostrich buried its head in the sand

(or attempted to do so).

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Victorian Conundrum
When the flicker of London sun falls faint on the Club-room’s green and gold,         25
The sons of Adam sit them down and scratch with their pens in the mould—  
They scratch with their pens in the mould of their graves, and the ink and the anguish start,  
For the Devil mutters behind the leaves: “It ’s pretty, but is it Art?”  
Now, if we could win to the Eden Tree where the Four Great Rivers flow,  
And the Wreath of Eve is red on the turf as she left it long ago,         30
And if we could come when the sentry slept and softly scurry through,  
By the favor of God we might know as much—as our father Adam knew.

 " ~ Rudyard Kipling (1865–1936)

A room was filled with thousands of flowers that had been hand-crafted to look real and then perfumed with flower essences. Only one real flower was in the room. Makeda, the Queen of Sheba, challenged Solomon to find the one real flower. 

Could you?


Click HERE for answers.


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Book Review

I read so many books, it is difficult to choose.  I expect one that really touched me lately is 'The Way of the Peaceful Warrior' by Dan Millman.  More for the fact that my 14 year old INSTRUCTED me that I had to read it than anything else.  It is an intriguing look into the discipline and drive of a warrior.  In our lives we are all warriors of one kind or another, whether it is political, educational, physical development, environmental or social change, we all have a cause to further.  I highly recommend it for a look inside of your own commitment and a peek at what is really necessary to elicit a permanent change.

I recommend to find books inexpensively.

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Readers Comments

Dear Marsha

"Are you starting up your Ezine again? It has been so long!" ~ B

"I think I slipped off your list, please put me back on, I miss your magazine." BB

Ok, so here it is, back again! Enjoy and send in YOUR comments Here.

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I've chosen sponsor's that I trust and have used.
Feel confidant in patronizing them ~ Thank You.

If you are thinking about changing Insurance Companies, I've been with 21st Cent. for over ten years.  They are quick, fair, and their prices are better than most on the market.  Tell them I sent you!

I would LOVE to have YOUR company or page here. If you'd like to advertise at Chantaclair's, Contact me!

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This summer My mother, sister and daughter and I toured Europe.  It was simply magical.  I'll be sharing some of those photos over the next months.  This one is from peruse at

Click Photo for a larger view

Vienna - Arched Hallway - 7/2004

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HTML Tutor

Embeding SOUND

From :
Cut 'n' Paste Code
Writer's Block

Rachel, A child of the dawn

Continued: (To read the first and second installments, click Here)

. . .
"Long ago, there was a little girl, not so much old than you. She lived in a very different place though, where the water was wide and the streets were clean and even. . . "

"She used to ride on a blue donkey, tha's right, I said blue. He was so black, and his coat shone so much that he looked right blue in the light. Everyone called him 'Blue' too, so you knows I ain't a'lyin'."

Aunt Flora snuggled back into the soft worn comfort, indicating that this tale was not going to be a short one. 'Chel pulled the quilt over both their knees without interrupting. Aunt Flora didn't like to be interrupted, but 'Chel always had a hard time refraining from questioning things she didn't understand. It was happy dance between them.

"As I was a'sayin', this girl, we'll call her Becca, rode everywhere on old Blue. She weren't no fancy dancy lady who'd be ashamed of Blue, fact is, she was quite proud to be riding a'tal. Anyways, One day there was a great gust of wind in the air. The kind of wind that tells everyone that change is a'comin'."

"Like the October wind?" 'Chel interrupted, then just as quickly put her hand over her lips guiltily.

"Yes'm, jis like." Flora contiued. "Becca was alone in the world. . . "

"Just like me?" 'Chel questioned.

"SHhhhush now, or you'll ne'er get to the good parts!" Flora cautioned. "Yes, jis like ye. Now, as I was sayin' a'fore you interrupted me. . . Miss Becca was all alone, that is except for Blue. She was nearly a woman too, and her time to marry
was fast approachin'. It wasn't for lack o' suitors either that she had no promise ring on her finger. She was a looker' that Becca B. No, it was because of the secret."

Flora paused for effect, which had exactly the desired outcome. 'Chel sat straighter and her attention was rivited. She whispered, 'Secret?'

'Yes'm, on account of the secret, Miss Becca had to keep tellin' thems menfolk to pardon, but she wouldn't be able to accept any of their attentions. She was gettin' mighty cranky about it too. When David Michaels inquired for the third time when he'd get his answer, she right near took his ear off with her lecturin'."

'Why, you'll get your answer when the sun dipps b'neath the western horizon afore noon on the third Tuesday!' Becca retorted, and I needent tell you that Mr David was hardly pleased. He had been hankerin' for Miss Becca's hand since b'fore her Ma and Pa was taken in that land-slide out to Ashley's place four summers past."

'Chel frowned some, this story was beginning to have some very personal details she wasn't altogether certain she wanted to explore. Her own grandparents had been taken at the same time, just like her parents had last fall.

"But Auntie, what is the secret?"

Flora put her finger to her lips and set the book aside. She really hadn't been reading from it anyway. 'Chel had the impression that the words came from someplace deeper than a written page.

"That's all for tonight little one, some secrets have to wait. . . " There was no budging Flora. 'Chel would just have to dream about it and wait. . .

(To be continued)

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Guest Column

Good Morning,
   I read the following in "Dogs Don't Bite When A Growl Will Do- What your dog can teach you about living a happy life"-


   Epictetus,the Stoic philosopher, urged his disciples not to be afraid of the criticism of others.  He argued that we cannot control the impressions that other people form of us, and the effort to defend ourselves only debases our character. Epictetus' wry recommendation was that if you hear that somebody has criticized you, do not bother with excuses or defenses, just smile and say, "I guess that person does not know all my other faults. Otherwise, he would not have mentioned only these."


   Clearly, one of the most effective ways to respond to criticism is to respond exactly as our dogs do. We can just hunker down and listen. If the criticism doesn't teach us anything useful about ourselves, we don't have to resent it- we can just let go of it. In fact, maybe the best thing you can do the next time someone's criticism makes you feel upset or resentful is to ask yourself, "Now how would my dog handle this?" Just asking the question will probably make you laugh out loud.
   I know reading this made me laugh. I just hope I can remember it the next time I'm criticized.  ~SG


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