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piano instruction
 I've taught Piano Lessons for over 15 years
Marsha Steed Keller : Director 
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) 295-9057

Marsha Steed Keller : Director

 ~ Roseville CA 95747 ~ (916) 295-9057 ~ Email: Piano (@) -

 Vocal and Piano Instruction with Quarterly Master Classes


Piano: I believe that everyone can learn to play.  Music is for enjoyment first, beauty second, and performance if desired. Not everyone will be proficient.  Some will struggle, but with desire and practice, everyone can reach the level that they wish to reach.  It is all up to you.  I believe in knowing the WHY, of  musicianship, so theory and reading, scale work and classical experience is stressed.  I also believe that a student does best if they are motivated and enjoy what they are doing, so I do work with each student as an individual to meet their own goals.

Voice: I teach singing, presentation, breath control, vocal exercises and diction. I do not teach voice that will strain young vocal chords or damage developing ones. My combined Voice/ Piano lessons include popular,Italian and Art Song as well as vocal techniques for improving performance and control.

I teach music theory, enabling students to understand their performance.


Calendar and Tuition

Tuition is based on a 12 month period.   It is prorated, taking into consideration holidays, two sick days and vacation times.   This makes it possible to come up with a consistent monthly rate. Dates that the studio will be closed for holiday or vacation will be notified as they come.   All major U.S. holiday weeks are non-lesson weeks.   Master Classes take the place of regularly scheduled lessons.   There are no make-up lessons available if you choose to not attend.   I teach throughout the summer months except two weeks in June or July. 

Fees and Choices

Lessons are 25 - 40 - 55 minutes long – (Though usually they get an extra 5 minutes per lesson if I don't need a break, which equates to seven 'extra' lessons a year!)

~Master Classes Included in Month-to-month fee With 12 month Contract:
(Including 50$ materials fee & Master Classes) - 12 months for the price of 11

Month – to – Month Piano or Voice 25 min - $125 a month
or Combo: 40 min - $185 a month
55 Minutes- $240 a month

12/ 6 month Contract: Includes materials fee & Master Classes - 12 months for the price of 11.
  • Master classes: 4 x a year $20 ea
  • Single Lessons (review or extra) $30 / 30 Minutes $45/45 $60/60
  • Materials fee: $50 per year due Jan or 1st month (pro-rated)
  • Two Students in a Family - $5 discount Per Student/ Per mo.
  • Consistent Practicing Student - 100 day challenge accomplished - 5$ discount.

Each month is paid for in advance. Tuition is due on the first lesson of each month. Tuition will be considered late after the second week, and an additional $10 will be assessed by the 3rd week and included in the monthly tuition. Checks are made payable to Marsha Steed Keller. You may mail payment, but please be sure it makes it by the first lesson of the month.  I do offer 'Per Lesson' pricing at $35 for 25 minutes.

Missed Lessons

If you know you are going to miss a lesson, please call a week in advance. You may be able to make up the lesson, if I know a week in advance. A lesson that is `missed', without prior (before the day of the lesson) arrangement will be considered missed. If there is a problem the day before the lesson and a make-up is desired, please call as soon as possible to let me know and I will TRY and arrange for a courtesy make-up lesson. If this is not possible due to scheduling, the monthly payment will remain the same.


I work out of material that is familiar to your student already and what I have in the studio. I charge a yearly materials fee of $45. When I require new books or material, I will pick up the materials. Music is expensive, all borrowed books will be checked out and the full price charged if not returned or damaged.  

Lesson and Practice

Students are expected to be prepared for each lesson. I don't wish to waste your money or my time. I expect that this is an endeavor that your heart is in, and as I will give it my all, I expect you and your student to do the same. I require a minimum of 20 minutes practicing 5x's week. I don't believe this is impossible. Practice doesn't make Perfect. Practice just makes permanent.  Perfect Practice makes Perfect. Let me repeat that... 

Practice doesn't make Perfect.
Practice makes Permanent,
Perfect Practice makes Perfect.
~ M Steed Keller
  • $20 Referral Bonus after 2nd month referral continues lessons.

  • Gift Certificates are available in denominations of 1 / 3 / 6 or 12
months. $20 off first month - $ 20 off second and third if paid for in advance.

*Gift Certificates are available in denominations of 1 / 3 / 6 or 12 months.
(Click to download three month) - $20 off first month - $ 20 off second and third if paid for in advance.

NEW!   I am now opening up some time for 'brush-up' students. That would be one-time lesson for $30. This is most useful for students who want to work on a piece for a certain occasion, busy adults who can't keep a weekly appointment or prior students who just want to 'brush-up' and not lose their skills. Call now for availability.

 Your lesson will have a begin time. If you are not present, your allotted time begins anyway. Please be prompt both in arrival and in dismissal. Please bring your lesson binder to each lesson which has your record of practice times marked and lesson books and assignments. I will be offering a $10- $20 a month discount for those students who consistently mark their lesson sheets and evidence of practice is easily recognizable.


I hold either a spring or fall recital each year. There will also be a Panel judging competition each spring. I find that the more a student performs, the more their playing improves as their confidence grows. Student recitals are also an opportunity for students to get more performance time.  After fifteen public performances, I have trophies available for the student’s recognition.


When you refer another student to me, and they become a student, you will receive a Master Class free of charge, or $15 off the next month's tuition. I also give a $5 per student discount for multiple students in a family.

Master Classes

There will be Master Classes 3-4 x a year, where we will get more into the more fun part of learning music, and have a chance to perform for one another as well as play games and have refreshments. We will study the composers and learn to actually write our own music.   Master classes will occur on every month that has five Thursday , on the last Thursday of that month.

In 2015 the Fifth Thursday will be a Master Classes. All are invited in lieu of your regularly scheduled lesson time. You will have the choice this year, of continuing your regular lesson on those weeks PLUS the Master class for $20 additional. If you wish, you can purchase an additional Master Class Package for the year, at a discounted rate of $50.

Master Classes for 2018 will be at 6:30 – 8:00 on:
Thursday Jan 25th from 6:30-8:00  (Extended Master class - family / friends invited)
Thursday August 22th;
Thursday Nov 28th

There will continue to be no regular lessons during Master Class or Recital weeks, except for courtesy make-up lessons.   If you do not call before the day of the lesson, I can not guarantee that a make-up will be available.   Master classes have been very successful and I’m going to ask for a re-commitment to attend these this year and to schedule your other activities around these dates.   Bring your binders and music to all classes.

Vacations: (Subject to change) 2018
May 6-12 Spring Break ~ Make-up lesson week
August 4th – August 12  Vacation ~
Nov. 19th – 23th – Thanksgiving Break ~
Dec. 21th – Jan. 4th – Christmas /New Years Break

Gift Certificates (Click to download)

As suggested by a parent, I now have Gift Certificates available for 3 or 6 mos.   Private lessons.   I have some available if you are interested.

1 month = $100.   Gift Certificate 3 months = $300.   3 month Gift Certificate 6 month package = $ 650. Six month Gift Certificate I accept Pay Pal - Marsha at - Venmo - Chantaclair - Bank Checks and Personal Checks. Call for certificate number and personalization.   Referring a new student gives you a $20 discount. 

Keyboard Rental

I am offering a Keyboard Rental program this year for an additional $10 a month, and deposit of $40.  This is a 'rent to own' program where the keyboard will be yours to keep after 12 months. 4 Octaves, fully-sized keys/ Piano and Organ options.

My schedule is subject to change as our lives and circumstances change. I will continue to be flexible around your schedule when possible and appreciate your willingness to adjust as mine may fluctuate. Hopefully the webpage will be a resource for you as I get more things posted on it, including old Master Class items and worksheets. Thank you for choosing Piano and Performance Pedagogy for your music instruction. M Steed Keller ~ Director ~ http://Chantaclair.Com/Piano.htm

Thank you for choosing Piano & Performance Pedagogy for your musical training.

Marsha Steed Keller, Director   -(916) 295-9057


Other Musical Interests
piano instructionPiano and Voice with grace and style.
Voices of Light - Composer - David Hassen
Toured Utah 2010
- Five years.  Carnegie Hall performances 2003 ; Toured Europe in 2004 ;  Germany, Hungry,Czech Rep., Austria

  Valley Singers - Brahms Requiem 2008 Sacramento Ballet Chorus - Carmina Burena 2007/ 2014

Messiah 2003

Many Church Sponsored Choirs

Vocal Instruction,

Choir Director


Piano and Performance Pedagogy
click HERE for more Information

Piano Instructor - 30+ years
Bronze Medalist - SF Society for Music Education
1st place - Competition

Solo Work
  Church; Weddings; Programs; Musicals
Too many to list.  Email me for inquiry.

Available for Weddings/ Dinners etc.


Eclectic tastes;  Anything from Enya to AL Webber to Chopin to Enigma to Floyd and Chapin and Eagles and Travis,  Mclean,  Steven Perry and Kenneth Cope and Cherie Call

Brass and Keyboard, Violin and Harp are favorites as well as bottles; bells;  huge drums and French horn.

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