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April 2011

Ooook. Admittedly, I'm not fabulously keeping up to date on this. I DO have a blog that I write on more often, but that is on my life-coaching thoughts and tools. Th'Muse Here I usually put a little journal-like entry. I know that technology has advanced greatly since I began this in 1989, I have in part kept up, but in part lagged far behind. That both delights and irritates me. My life currently is deliciously full. I have three grandbabies I adore, my sweet husband and my family are my main focus. Then teaching Piano and Voice, Life-coaching Clients (and future clients. . . perhaps you? ) and a score of other little enjoyments, jobs and interests. In all, life is good and moves so fast I can barely keep this up quarterly, let alone monthly. Time passes so swiftly I barely remember that a week has passed let alone a month. So it is. . .
My Sweet Edward and Myself -

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