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Northern California LDS
Newspaper expands to Utah area

The Latter-day Messenger, Northern Californiaís only regional LDS newspaper, has recently expanded its circulation to the Wasatch Front area. The Messenger is currently in its fifth year of publication and going stronger than ever. The expansion to the Utah area is only the first step in the growth of The Messenger.

What Kind of Articles
are in The Messenger?

The Latter-day Messenger is a monthly publication for and about the Latter-day Saints in the area. Each monthly issue of The Messenger is packed full of great stories about area Saints. Some of the features have included an exclusive interview with Steve Young, the first major story on Kevin Sharp before he became a country superstar, the King Sisters and family members living in the Sacramento area, and many other stories about Latter-day Saints from our coverage area.

Have a story or event to share?

The Messenger has a limited staff, many of which are volunteers. With the limited amount of manpower, we cannot cover everything that is happening in the area. We depend on members to notify us of

Calendar items,
Mission calls
Eagle Scouts
Young Womenís Recognition
and more. 

The Messenger is also always looking for good feature article material to publish. With the limited staff we are unable to send reporters out to cover the stories. So, if you know of an interesting story, write it up in newspaper article form and send it to us, along with pictures, and we will consider it for publication. If you feel your writing skills are not up to par, not to worry! Thatís why we have an editor. Your story will be edited as needed to maintain the quality of the paper and to fit in the space allotted.

Articles can include anything that might be of interest to the Saints in our coverage area.

Also, submit your funny anecdotes, favorite recipes and more for the Kitchen Table so that we may share them with the rest of our readers.


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Disclaimer: The Messenger is a private venture, not a publication of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 
The appearance of advertisements in this publication does not constitute an endorsement by The Messenger or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

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