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Crystal's and Brandon's

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The Wedding
Crystal Marie
Brandon Dever
July 1, 2000
Oakland California
Their Adoring Fans

Half of Derek - The photographer - 
Shari and Jordon above the crowd - 
Janeal Richard, not missing a moment - 
Joanne Dever and Grandma Marlene

Sleepy Brother Kevin - Long ride from 
Roseville to Oakland;

Family and Friends in Attendance; 
Cousins anxious to help with the train

Janeal - Crystal-Derek and Kevin Steed... 
for the last time
The Couple
Journal Entry July 1, 2000

What do I say?  My daughter is getting married today.  My heart is so full, it is difficult to find the words.  He is a worthy son of God, taking her to the temple of the Most High.  I am so grateful to his parents, and all those who have had an influence on his life to make him as he is.  I am grateful for his worthyness, and for hers.  For her goals all her life to keep herself pure for this day.  There is all of that, and there is sadness in her leaving.  In the cutting of the apron strings... there are tears.  She truly is my dearest friend.  I love her so desperately. She is beauty and purity, she is charity and she is joy.  I am so very blessed to have her in my life.  I am lucky to have such a son-in-law as Brandon. 

Crystal Marie Dever.  "So a woman shall leave her own house and join unto her husband, and the two shall become one flesh"... 

I am... the mother of the bride.  

The Families - 
The Dever's and the Steeds

Evening. . . . Well, it was a lovely, lovely day.  She was honestly the most beautiful bride I have seen.  My daughter or not... she is exquisite in spirit and body.  The ceremony was wonderful , Bro Maklvi? had a wonderful inflection in his voice that truly brought out the meaning of the words. It was just as I wished it.  The focus on family and on the covenant, and not on the party and reception.  They went off after a few glitches.... ( like me getting stung by a bee under my eye, and like Richard having to search all over for another camera battery because the brand new one was misplaced... and there being more folks at the luncheon... and Brandon and Crystal getting lost because of faulty communication... ) None of which made that big of a deal, and yet it made for an interesting day. David and Melanie and family missed the temple wedding because they got stuck going to San Francisco instead of Oakland.  Ah well, such as it is.  My daughter is now a wife.  Amazing.  Simply amazing. They are together tonight, and she will never be coming home again. That is  difficult for me, but she wrote me the most beautiful card, that I'll cherish with all the memories.  It began... "Dear Mom, My Truest Friend," . . . it melted me completely.  Such a wonder she is.  Janeal will miss her tremendously.  We all will.  Brandon is however a wonderful addition, and we are very very blessed.  
After a Luncheon at Scotts ~ A final Farewell and they are OFF to Hawaii!

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