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Time Capsule Opening May 8th  1985 - 2000 

Written by Loralyn Hansen
Of course, you have been waiting and waiting to hear about our Time capsule trip. In a nut shell, it was everything we thought it would be. We took it slow, did a little every day. (there were two time capsules about 9" in diameter and 17" tall, and an additional box approximately 4 x 12 x 17 or so) I couldn't Believe how much stuff my dad had crammed into those things! 

The first day, we just hung around and settled in. Each family had their own unit, (I don't know how much you know about Mom's time share... but It is the same place that Mike and I stayed on our honeymoon. Each unit is an upstairs/downstairs, 2 1/2 bath, 2 bedroom (one master bedroom, and one bedroom with two bunkbed sets) full kitchen, TV, VCR, Fireplace... has a bed downstairs... you know, the kind that pushes up into the wall... one min, living room... next min... pull down the wall, and there's queen size bed. ) Each unit can comfortably sleep 8 people. Mom stayed with Tim in his unit. 

After everyone got there... We just chatted and it was very relaxed. The whole week, we each pitched in and had all dinners together... one unit was in charge of the menu for each dinner.... but everyone was very cooperative in helping to cook and clean up. and some Breakfasts were together, Jen made pancakes one morning, and I made crêpes another morning... Lunches were usually separate... but I think we had one together and of course we had a picnic in SLC for another... (we went and saw that new film at the IMAX where Legacy was. In the Joseph Smith Building. The new film was Incredible!!! after it was done, no one moved! ) 

Anyway.... I am getting the days all mixed up.... Then the next day... we opened the capsules and box and quickly glanced through it all, and passed out individual letters etc... after pictures and "quickly" glancing through everything, without opening sealed envelopes... it was exhausting enough to do that... so we watched the video that we put together and called it a night... It was tough to see dad again. kinda a bitter sweet. of course there was not a dry eye. Jen, had told me on the first day, while we were doing dinner, that she and Tim had several discussions over this week. I was sure that the rest of us did as well. I know, because Mike and I had discussed it quite a bit too... as to what to expect, and what would be expected of us as far as repacking the time capsule... etc... Jen, and Mike were not involved with the family at all when this was put together, and they were expecting to casually go along with the ride. We planned to repack the Time capsule again for the next 15 years... and none of us were really ready for that... Mom seemed to have her moments of sadness, and regret...(as was expected) but on the most part, she held together really well. 

The next day, we went through the kids letters... and read them all to them. Marsha's letters were very nice, and she had gotten each of us a little gift that she felt would grab a smile from us. And they did. She got me some neat earrings from the store she was working at at the time. I remember looking eyeing them, I had no idea that she had gotten them for me. That was fun. I cant remember what she got for the others... I know that She had also drawn pictures of each of us as she saw us. It was neat! I had forgotten that Marsha could draw like that. :) Tim didn't write to his kids... I don't think... My letters to the kids, ( wrote two... one to "the girls" and one to "the boys") Aside from atrocious spelling... I could not get through them without crying... the kids were sitting on my lap as I red them to them... and they were quite long too. 

The general feel of the letters were that of hopes that I am a good mom in my imperfections and my hopes that I can teach them inspite of my mistakes. and how much I already loved them and looked forward to having them in my life and anxious for the lessons that they will teach me... anyway... along that kind of thing... I looked up as I was reading... (through my tears....) I saw that Jen had tears streaming down her cheeks... and so did Marsha and Mom... that startled me.... of course made it worse.... :) and then, in the middle of all that.... the video tape quit! lol what a time to have to stop and change the Video tape! ( we were taping this whole ordeal) Then we handed out the letters from Dad... (Grandpa) to all the grand kids. 

He had put together little packets of coins for the boys and gold chains for the girls. and he had a card for each of the Grandkids... When we put this together 15 years earlier... the only grandkids he had was Crystal and Derek. It was amazing to me that he had exactly the right amount of cards for the grandkids. And they were age appropriate and gender appropriate. He had organized them in order of who's birthday was next in the year. for example, the card that Clorisa got had yellow flowers all over it and he called her his special little sunshine. And that is what she was to him. And it was Kevin's or Bryces, that had sail boats on the card... anyway. his words to each of the kids were soooo appropriate. (you would have to watch the Video to fully understand.) 

That was enough for that day... ( I think that was Monday) and then on Tuesday, that was when we took all of our letters to eachother.... the Adults THAT was a tough day too! We read our letters to Dad then too. Very nice letters. Even Tim, who was only 14 at the time, his letters were quite nice. I was a bit embarrassed that my letter to him was a bit more instructional and protective than anything else... And I was really worried what my letter to "my future hubby" would contain. As I wrote this in the middle of my "rebellious" years I sat glued as Mike read the letter out loud. My hands got all sweaty.... much to my surprise... It was a very nice, appropriate letter. :: big sigh!!! :: 

Mom's letters to each of us, were very motherly like and sweet. And expressed appreciation for each of us and included little tidbits of why we were important to her. The next day, (would have been Wednesday) during the day, was more of a kickback... kids went swimming, Adults went bike ridding... or was that Tuesday morning??? not sure... but they snuck in a bike ride one of those days... 

That afternoon was when we opened the letter from Dad. He wrote to all of us in the same letter... and of course, he had a copy for everyone... 45 some odd pages, (in his writing! ) Each person had about 8 pages designated to them. Of course he had to embarrass each of us... it was very much a bitter sweet day. Mostly sweet. Included in Dads packet to us was some stocks... of course that's my dad. Not a lot of money... but enough to pay for the trip and have plenty left over for goodies, and a trip to the LDS book store! :) for each of us. ( our family got a total of about $1500. ) And each family was about that. So actually it was quite a bit... but Dad was hopping that it was gonna be a lot more. One of the stocks ended up being a dead stock. And another one lost money. But, hey! I'm not complaining) After we read the letters, We listened to the tape that he had put together. He sang Ol' Man River, and You'll Never Walk Alone! That was hard to listen to! 

After listening to the tape, We all sat around and Mom wanted a recap on what had transpired. She went around the room... and asked everyone... I could not think of a thing to say... I felt it was more than what I could express and I couldn't think of anything to say. Jen, with tears streaming down her cheeks, said that this whole thing was so amazing. and she could now see the importance of it. She had referred to Dads letter as Family scripture. I felt that it was a very appropriate way to look at what had transpired and what had been written. And then, to top it all off... We looked out the window... and EVERYTHING WAS WHITE!!!! It SNOWED!!! A LOT! And it snowed for the next couple of days! I listened to the weather report and they were just as shocked as we were... in fact, the only place it was snowing in the whole state was were we were. SLC didn't even get any snow. And neither did Henifer, 25 miles away. Now, you tell me YOUR opinion??? Coincidence??? Anyway... we had quite a snow ball fight the next day!!! It was a lot of fun! The kids were sooooo amazed. And for weeks after that... Jeremy wanted to go back to the "Brown house with the snow" we were NOT prepared for SNOW! lol The kids went through every pair of socks they had to use as gloves. And no matter how much their hands burned, they wanted to play more!!! Back in... warm up your hands... back out again... ( kids couldn't understand why we used cold water to warm up their hands! lol) 

That was Thursday Morning... The time capsule was all done, (no one was ready to restuff it so we are gonna do that at Thanksgiving) and Richard had to catch a plane that night to go back home, (he had some meeting that he had to be at.) So we decided, after a bit of pulling and gnashing of teeth, (we were all playing games, and no one wanted to make a decision. and no one wanted to drive down the mountain because of the snow... (it snowed A LOT... enough to make a rather LARGE snowman... as big as Tim... BTW, it was still snowing, it snowed all day on Thursday.) But we did want to go see the new movie too. "The Testament" So we decided to go ahead and go down... we packed a picnic lunch and headed down... (the long way around) :: already told you about the movie :: it was fabulous!!! And then we had a picnic... It was FREEZING!!! although, no snow in SLC it was still very cold!

Anyway... Marsha got Richard off, and the rest of us went back up to East Canyon. The rest of the time was spent watching movies, playing games, Kids went swimming, and cleaning and packing back up. Ohhhh I forgot one thing... Tuesday morning, I think it was... Bryce was downstairs watching TV or something, I had just gotten out of the shower...and I had put on my night gown. this particular one has a lacy 1/2 a bodice, basically just the shoulders and below the neck and the rest is just a bunch of loose material. a couple of layers... silky and light pink.... I tell you this because it is pertinent .... anyway... ohh... I had put on a little make up too... very little.... I needed something from downstairs and went down to get it... Bryce looked up at me and smiled, and very quietly and innocently, he said, " wow, you look like you just fell from a star" I melted!!! (did I tell you that story already??? lol) Anyway.... Saturday, After we got all cleaned up, and packed... we went to the Lion House for lunch. and then we all went on our way. It was a very nice trip! There you have it... :)

Now.... here we sit, after having the kids live with us for about 6 weeks, the Wedding shower, Marsha's move, the Wedding Tea (that was so much fun!) and The Sealing and the company that goes with it, Fourth of July, the reception ( We made 80 chair covers, and I did a 6 tear cake, and 100 or more bows), and then the present opening, my History Class, The 106 temp. and no AC! The wedding cleanup, the keeping the kids from being board... 

The moving Crystal and Brandon, The dinners.... The Renaissance RS dinner.... I had to make a costume for Mike and me ( I ended up using one of Marsha's dresses that she hadn't packed up) The getting ready to buy a house. Going back to work... let alone Scouts, Piano lessons, Achievement days, house hunting, RS Secretary stuff, Choir stuff... Jeremy's school, I worked part time as a sub interpreter for summer school as well, All in two months! lol Anyway... that is where I am at now... Crystal and Brandon are now in Ohio. I packed up his car for their trip across.... CRAZYNESS!!! they had everything in boxes. and creates... I took everything out of them and put the contents in "knooks and crannies" (they only have a little Celica) and they wanted all kinds of things handy for their 5 day trip. I don't blame them... but getting all that stuff in the car and have 1/2 of it accessible??? what a trick! And in 102 temp. no less... Anyway... after a bunch of tears.... They were off!

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