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The graphic artwork on these pages are small sample of what is available. If you have other ideas 
Email me
for your needs and Preferences. 
I am able to create a web set from ANY photo or graphic. (Though I do not deal in Pornographic images)


Options for the use of these graphics include:
You may use this set of graphics as linkware - terms and conditions here
An exclusive license can be purchased that will include customization of the buttons for your specific needs
Purchase of full copyrightto these graphics sets
Customization of this set at an affordable rate
Please email me if you are interested in any of the above options



Bars and Buttons


These graphics digitally crafted using 
Original photographs from my own artwork and photograph hobby.

Please use my logo an any page you use the graphics on, linked back to these pages. 
<a href=""> Chantaclair's Parlor Designs </a>

Do you enjoy my posted sets but prefer something that no one else has?  Need something unique for your online presence?  Give me the opportunity design, create and publish your personal or business website - completely flexible and affordable with no pop up ads!  Look Here for other pages I've designed.  More information Here Email me for more information.

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