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I am holding up my faith to the mist and seeing what pierces through and what remains behind. Surely we are not meant to wander on the light of others continually. Even if those others are good and charitable and honest. No, it must be mine, this testimony. Regained or retained- but it must be mine. Held and authentic - brilliant and dazzling in the chaos of opinion and surmise.
So, I go. I listen and evaluate, think and feel and when all is done, I return with thoughts to testify of once again.
Some answers come quietly, others are a long time in their manifestation.  Some are grand experiences and life sustaining miracles while others are simple assurances that fill one with hope and peace.  I received mine in my own way, and then put the experience into the way I feel I express myself best . . . writing.

The following is actually a song I wrote following the experience.


Listen, listen to a story, a story that is true...
my story, I have written it
I've written it for you...
I was born of goodly parents
who are kind and just and true
they taught me truth,
guided me
let me choose what I would do.

"My daughter, we love you,
you have learned the way...
you know the path to follow...
walk ye in it today...
My daughter, we love you,
you have learned the way
You know the path to follow...
walk ye in it... we say."

I learned as a child the ways of the Lord
I believed as a child
gospel lessons stored.
As I pressed forward through life
steadfast true and sure
I grew in simple wisdoms
the world for me,
held no lure.

There came a time,
I remember it clear
Questions challenged me to prove...
what I'd learned from year to year.

In each of our lives
there comes a day
standing alone
we must determine the way
The day came for me,
the desire was so great
I could give up everything...
I would no longer wait.
I had to be sure
Beyond question or doubt
I had to know for myself
what life was all about

I had asked before
as the scriptures say
but was never so willing
to listen and obey.

Can I tell you I saw Angels?
Can I say I was shown the way?
Is it a miracle
that happened to me that day?
I didn't see angels
No vision occurred,
But my life was changed forever
Because of what I HEARD. . .

"My daughter, I love you,
you have learned the way,
"you know the path to follow
walk ye in it today.
"My daughter, I love you,
you have learned the way
"you know the path to follow,
walk ye in it I say."

My soul was filled,
I looked around.
had any others heard?
did I alone know the miracle
that had just occurred?

My heart raced within
the tears fell without
My questions were answered
there could no longer be doubt.

So may I again tell you
and witness with the truth
one day you will question,
maybe now,
or later youth.
When that day comes
you lay life on the line
I know you'll receive an answer,
for I'll forever cherish mine. "

"My daughter, I love you,
you have learned the truth,
you know the path to follow,
you have walked in it since birth.
"My daughter, I love you,
you have learned the way,
You know the path to follow,
walk ye in it today."

Marsha Steed 1996

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