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by Marsha Steed  age 9

Write of losing a husband, one that meant the world to you, and having an infant, and no income.

“The wind is picking up sweetheart, we should probably be getting back to the cabin.” It was typical of Daniel to be so careful.  In the six years they had been together, two before their wedding and four since, he had never once missed an opportunity to protect her or to show his concern.  Tara was grateful, and hadn’t reached that point that many of her friends had, where they began taking one another for granted.  

“Three glorious days with my two best girls.  I am a lucky man!”  Daniel spun her around before settling a kiss on top of her head.  Life wasn’t simple, she supposed it never was really, but with their new baby born just two months before healthy and strong, she couldn’t help but feel very blessed.  This was the first vacation they had had since their honeymoon too.  It was a glorious life, even if they had to be frugal.  Daniel worked hard, and in a few months would be getting a promotion with benefits and a full salary.

“Race you home, I’ll even carry Marissa!”  

“Oh no you don’t, you’ll jostle her breakfast and I’ll have to feed her again!”  

He laughed, she laughed, then they walked hand in hand with the baby in her carrier between them.  It was getting chill, there would be a storm tonight no doubt.  That was the bad thing about late vacations, one could never really depend on an Indian Summer. 

She watched Daniel kiss Marissa on the forehead.  He certainly adored that baby.  Before they had decided to become parents, he had been quite concerned.  “I love you so much Tar, I can’t imagine having to split that up and give some of it away.”  He had said.  It hadn’t been a problem. From the moment the nurse placed his daughter in his arms, he was lost.  

“I guess your insides sort of just open up to take in more huh?”  He has sheepishly responded when she reminded him of his previous fears.  “Yeah, I guess so.”  

Thunder rang out too quickly after the windows glowed with lightening.  Tara McDorn was not usually frightened of weather, but that was just a bit close to remain comfortable.   Another flash and a crack that sounded like a gunshot.  Now she sat up in bed and Marissa began crying. 

“Ill go and check on the car.”  

“Daniel, be careful!” Again the clap of thunder accompanied with a tremendous crash.  Now she was frightened.  Daniel would be back in a few more minutes, and the storm would pass on.  She hoped. Minutes passed and though she cradled and cooed Marissa, the baby wouldn’t be comforted.  

Tara began to pace.  What was keeping him?  She peered out the window, but could see only darkness.  Forboding crept into her heart.  

“Oh please dear God in Heaven no. . . “

What would do  she if something happened to Daniel?  Tara had never really considered the possibility.  He was always the strong one, the one in control.  The thought of it made her nauseous.  He was her foundation, her rock.  No, it was inconceivable. 

Her parents were dead, and his certainly couldn’t help much, already they sent some of his small salary to them to help out.  Thoughts that began going through her mind shocked her, some even disgusted her.  How could she be  thinking such things?  How could she be worrying about who would support her when Daniel could be outside hurt... or worse.!  

Mari was wailing now.  Surely she felt the tensions.  Outside was silent.  Even the rain had stopped spattering against the window.  “Daniel!”  She called again, but there was no answer, nothing.  It was pitch black outside.  What was she supposed to do with Mari?  The not knowing was killing her.  Funny how your mind goes through dozens of scenario’s tossing your thoughts into a frenzy.  Perhaps he was fine and just walked away to do a bit of exploring.  Of course that was it.  He was always an ambulance chaser, he did so love to know what was going on around him.  

“Shhh... daddy will be home soon.”  She crooned.  It seemed to help some, or perhaps it merely helped her, and that helped Mari calm.  Whatever it was, . . .  ( To be continued )~ M Steed

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