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Poetry by Chantaclair



Some people ask me
how to forgive in a heartbeat
Why I do not retreat
when faced with acidity. 
"Have you no pride?
"Will you your dignity hide?"
Do you believe being a carpet
is something to your credit?
Yet they do not understand
or see as I do
when I look at you
I see beyond the human. 
When faced with words
ugly and full of venom
I don't see antagonism, 
I see emotional records.
I see dreams and scars
that to others aren't plain.
I see fears and pain
in the human avatars.
So ask me again
why I hold no grudge
and I'll explain, "It's because,
I am *within* my fellowmen." 
I know I'm trying
with all of *my* might
to overcome flaws, fear and fright
It is possible then
to forgive in an instant
like a small child or infant
the wrongs committed. 

---<--{@ Marsha Rose

The Purpose

Love Making 
   Love Making

Essence and Spirit
    Body and Soul

Love without loving
     Half without whole.

Choosing a path
Difficult to climb
    Standing alone
Choosing is mine
      Slick sweet promises
Quiet spoken vows

Pledges unnumbered
Showing me how
                            Touch and be pained
Remain and wilt

ask for fulfillment
       Leave without guilt

Tell me no more stories
Sing me no more rhymes
              Wish me no future
Need me all times

                           Kiss me quite softly
                Speak low and clear

             Know without knowing
Flesh pleasures are here.

Succulent scents
and sweet rumpled satin

soft whispered bindings
Night flies like a phantom.
---<--{© Chantaclair Rose Marsha
Life's Battles

The time was here
and I lingered nigh
a moment more
by my Parents side.

"Your battle 
my child
will not require spears,
the enemies 
you'll find
will walk alonside you."

I looked at him, 
my Father wise
a question on
my lips with fear.

"I will walk 
with enemies? 
Tell why this is so?"

"Because my child,
your greatest fight
will be not with others
but your own self-doubts."

Never have words, 
like criticism, confusion,
failure, darkness, evil
ridicule, envy or pride
been known to me.

I can't comprehend
the hard reality
of what he says.

Trusting I take his words
and go down
knowing he would not 
let me go
without knowing 
I could succeed.

Armed with His confidance
I go into battle
with, myself.

---<-{@ Marsha Steed ' 99 

Part of Kathy's Murray's muse...
about coming to earth and having not
enemies of others but of ourself 
to fight and conqure.


Douglas Stone says, 
"You don't change someone 
by trying to change them"

Pushing, hinting, sarcastic return
Intimidation, resentment, Resistance assured.
Listening, sharing, opening offer
Acknowledgement, validation, humility recieved.

To change someone else
is many times the desire
To change self
the only thing to transpire. 

Change comes slowly
Tentatively approached
Sharing opens doors
others can walk through unreproached.

---<--{© Marsha (Chantaclair Rose) Steed '01

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