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Victorian Conundrumn Answers

Here are the to the PARLOR Issue 22 Conundrumns.

He responded by opening a window and allowing a bee to buzz in. The bee went directly to the real flower.

More Riddles

Here are the to the PARLOR Issue 21 Conundrumns.
Dreaming *OF - TEN* dear.



Here are the ANSWERS to the PARLOR Issue 20 Conundrumns.

I CRY THAT I SIN -- One Word
STOP AN INGRESS - Two words: 2,11
BOLD HEARTS FOUGHT IN KENT - Five words: 7,2,3,5,5


Here are the ANSWERS to the PARLOR Issue 19 Conundrumns.
Poems - by Lewis Carroll
( I think this should be called the 'transitive property of literature)

1. No interesting poems are unpopular among people of real taste. 
2. No modern poetry is free from affectation. 
3. All your poems are on the subject of soap bubbles. 
4. No affected poetry is popular among people of real taste
5. No ancient poem is on the subject of soap bubbles. 
- What is the conclusion? 

All of Your Poems are not interesting

Here are the ANSWERS to the PARLOR Issue 18 Conundrumns.

What is in seasons, seconds, centuries and minutes but not in decades, years or days? 

There are no "n's" in decades, years or days.

The two sons of an Arab sheik were each overwhelmingly proud of their own horse. When the sheik died he left instructions that they have a race and the one whose horse loses the race would inherit his fortune. They started to race at full speed but gradually slowed down and stopped, not knowing what to do. A passing traveler heard their story and advised them where upon they jumped on the horses and raced as fast as they could to the finish line. What was the advice?

They switched horses. Each brother got on a horse that was not 'his', so if he won, he would be the owner of the 'losing' horse, and thus get the inheritance. 

Here are the ANSWERS to the PARLOR Issue 17 Conundrumns.

Little Tommy Tittletat

Little Tommy Tittletat took two T's, 
To tie two tups to two tall trees,
To torment the terrible tittle tat,
How many T's in all of that? 

There are TWO 't's' in "All of That". 

Geographical Perplexity

A certain island is situated between England and France, and yet that island is further from France than England is.  How can this be so? 

Guernsey is about 26 miles from France, and England is only 21 miles from France between Calais and Dover.


Here are the ANSWERS to the PARLOR Issue 16 Conundrumns.

I bought some fowls the other day, 
One hundred dollars did I pay; 
Each turkey did five dollars touch, 
Each goose did bring but half as much; 
While chickens, if it must be told, 
For ten cents each were freely sold; 
One hundred fowles in all had I, 
Of each how many did I buy? 

Twelve turkeys, 13 geese and 75 chickens.

Here are the ANSWERS to the PARLOR Issue 15 Conundrumns.

How can you take two from 5 and leave 4? 
 F I V IV = Roman Numeral 4

I take the town hall clock 6 second to strike 4 o'clock in the afternoon.  How long does it take to strike midnight?

Here are the ANSWERS to the PARLOR Issue 14 Conundrumns.

Why are 1888 pennies worth more than 1887 pennies? 
Because there are one more.
$18.87 is less than 

Rebus Poetry

Inscribe an M above a line, 
Then write an E below.
The flower you seek is hung so fine, 
It sways when breezes blow.


anEMonE  ( Anemone )

Here are the ANSWERS to the PARLOR Issue 13 Conundrumns.

I am neither beast, bird or man, yet I am an animated being.  I began my existence in the beginning of the world. I am frail and weak yet I model the destines of nations.   I am found in all the habitable world. Seldom in front of battle but often follow among the dead and dying.  I am found in prisons and palaces, among the rich and poor.  I have witnessed the struggles of the gladiator and the death of the martyr.  My influence is felt by the king and the beggar.  I was with the disciples at the foot of the cross. Can you guess from this who or what I am? 

A Woman

Here are the ANSWERS to the PARLOR Issue 12 Conundrumns.

~ Why is the world like a slate? 
Because the children of men do multiply theron.

~ Who was the most successful financier mentioned in the Bible?

Noah ~ because he floated a limited company when all the rest of the world was in liquidation.
I'm a singular creature, pray tell me my name.
I partake of my countrymen's glory and fame;
I daily am old, and I daily am new,
I am praised, I am lame, I am false, I am true
I'm the talk of the nation while I'm in my prime,
but forgotten when once I've out lasted time.
In the morning no Miss is more courted than I,
In the evening you see me thrown carelessly by,
Take warning ye fair - I, like you, have my day;
But alas! you, like me, must grow old and decay. 
What am I? 


A Newspaper

Here are the ANSWERS to the PARLOR Issue 11 Conundrumns.

~What is that which increases the more it is shared? 

~ What English word is there the first two letters of which signify a man, 
the first three a woman, the first four a great man, and the whole a great woman?

~ My first denotes equality, my second, inferior, and my whole, superiority.  What word am I?

My first brings joy to all around; 
My second may bring sorrow; 
My whole but once a year is found, 
And may be yours to-morrow. 
--- What am I

Your Birthday

Here are the ANSWERS to the PARLOR Issue 10 Conundrumns.
"The conundrum is one of the most favored forms of amusement for the social circle; the answer to this style of riddle generally contains a pun, and the merriment occasioned can be better imagined than described. " 
~ Conundrums, Riddles, Puzzles and Games by Sarah J Cutter cira . 1896

~ Why is a Baker a most Improvident person? 

- Because he is continually selling that which he kneads (needs) himself!

~ What object is walking over the water, and under the water, yet does not touch the water?

A Lady with a pot of water on her head walking over a bridge.
(Don't blame me, the Victorians thought they were funny!)

~ Why is an attractive young lady like a successful gambler?

~Because she has such winning ways!

I should be sharp if I am used,
If dull, I'm cast aside; 
By boys and girls I'm much abused, 
And yet I am their pride. 
A part of me is made of wood, 
And part in earth is found, 
And both together firmly glued, 
Are sent the whole world round. 
--- What am I? 



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