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Melancholy Inflamed.


A structured RP, involving each player in a quest/ result type of storyline. Set in Trianthamina, players will have to move about the Kingdom in order to find or accomplish certain things to obtain their goals. Motivations will be five fold. The storyline is intended to last six weeks. ( Subject to consideration ) 

There will be Puzzles to solve, Possessions to acquire; Passion to tame; Peril to avoid and People to save. 

This is a Brief synopsis of what will go on. I have much more up my sleeve and many more things to reveal as we go along. I want some surprises and some interaction between players. My goal is to see if this can be done and with the group that I've seen, I think it will be completely possible and tons of fun.


A virus has been unleashed on the people of Trianthamina through the blowing up of the shades. It has no affect on the general population, but it is deadly to children under the age of ten. There is one vial of antedate for each township within Trianth. If the wrong vial is given to the wrong township, all the women in the township will be sterile, unable to bear children, and the children will still die. 

There will be a granting of one wish, to the person who carries out their assignment in getting the correct antidote to save the children in a timely manner. 


I have two storytellers of long experience at my disposal who have agreed to be behind the scene's assistants. They have no connection to Delium, and I highly doubt that they know any of you. (but one) I will confer with them on matters in question, as I am new to this role. 


In order to be a participant, I will require an E-mail enumerating the following for the character you intend on playing. You may only submit one character for this particular storyline. If it goes well, and I get better at this, later perhaps I'll be able to do multi-characters. 

  1 - Between 2 - 5 specific talents your character will use in this thread, which will be made public. IE: If you have telepathic abilities, 
                Unnatural strength, the ability to vanish etc. 

  2 - Between 2 - 5 specific flaws your character will be impeded by which will be made public. 

  3 - One Gift that you do not wish to have public. Probably your strongest 'ace in the hole' 

  4 - A fatal flaw. This will not be made public, but I need to know how your Character can meet its end. 

  5 - Three wishes. From these I will choose one to grant, if your character meets what is required of him/her/it. 

  6 - Two Item of either magical assistance, sentimental value or monetary worth which you will carry with you. 

  7 -- A logical means of support. Either you inherited money, your vocation, have a sponsor on your quest. I want a $ in Duca's 

  8 - Your name on the bottom of this statement: 


I am aware of the dangers and benefits of entering into this RP for my character.  Including death and physical changes.  I am willing to accept what happens and enjoy the fruits of my labors. I understand this is all in fun, and will do my upmost to look at everything in the nature it is intended. Fun, respect and something new to explore I will try my upmost to look at the best side of things, and try and work out any difficulties through ROLE PLAY.. 

I understand that the Storyteller has final say in all things, and will be as impartial and fair as humanly possible.

  I submit my character ______________ into the play, Melancholy Inflamed. Signed, _________________ -Date________________

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