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Elegant Victorian Pins for your Enjoyment. 
Each one is hand made with great care and with the discerning woman in mind.
The finest materials are used.  Some pins are antiques with stories of their own
while others are brand new replica's of a bygone age 
of Elegance and grace.
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Black and copper Diamond shaped main stone.  Silver accents with saucer glass bead and triangular agate. ~$20.00 Teal Austrian crystal set off by a handblown glass bead with embossed decoration.  Cloisonne rose from far east. ~ $25.00 Jeweled glass drop with brass trim. Inlaid metal in glass Black and blue bead.  Rhinestone Rondelles and a cut faceted crystal top off this graceful piece. ~ $35.00
Our Mini Sweater Version
One glass bead with caps and an accent bead. Large barrel - Great for Sweaters ~ $5.00
Hand blown German Glass Heart.
Filigree bead with Austrian Crystal accents - ~$20.00
Hand blown Venetian Glass Bead with raised tulip
Glass bead with foil inside and Pink star stones ~ $20.00
Antique Brass diamond main with Rhinestone Rhondell and Czech Black . Disc.  Mother of Pearl secondary~ ~$35.00
Venetian Glass bead Guilded tube.
Brass caps and  colored glass secondary.  Triangle brass accents~$25.00
Antique silver rose Bead.  Czech bugle bead with carved silver accents.  Glass secondary.  ~$20.00

  Enjoy the Stories behind each of these works of art. 


Pins in a Perfume Bottle


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