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Dear Fellow Friends, Chorus Members, Poets, Flowers, Family Members and Acquaintances, even Strangers, 
Due to many e-mails and requests, I have begun a monthly E-zine (Electric Magazine) of my own poetry, stories and/or quotes and causes, stories and tips I have filtered through and checked out for accuracy and content. This is an introductory sample so that any of you who are interested can sign up to receive it in the future. 

The address list will be blind, so your address will not go out to the entire list. I have been 'webbed' for over ten years now, and my experiences are often asked for by those who are newer to the internet. I will be sharing many things that I've learned and many of the 'myths' of the internet community have been dispelled and checked out by myself personally. If you are interested in being on the subscription list, simply e-mail me back with 'subscribe' by clicking on the link below. Additionally, please indicate if you if you prefer plain text. 

As the list grows it will become automated, but for now, I'll respond personally to each request. I'll not feel offended if you do not wish to participate, so please only do so, if you feel this will be something you will enjoy receiving. No one will receive further additions who do not specifically request it. . . and YES, please do send/forward it to your friends who you believe may be interested. 

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To those who subscribe ~~Welcome to the Parlor

Chantaclair's Parlor
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I stepped outside, 
rushing to the day
breath puffing in frozen billows
and mind awhirl.

My toes crushed a crystal rose
the nights work of an artist 
lovingly placed as an offering 
for my delight.

Though I didn't have time
to pause or stay, I had to.
I memorized the patterns 
I drank in the frost play.

Too quickly do 
the delicate blossoms melt
how fragile the 
beauty they share.

Light and shadow
chill and wet
opposites combine to create
a canvas of joy, 
a memory of perfection.

Life's own miracles
slip through my fingers
like crystal ice roses
under scurrying feet.

Yet I can't forget the
rare beauties experienced
in too brief moments
of perfectly captured divine grace.

Marsha Steed ~ '2000

"The true test of character is not how much we know how to do, but how we behave when we don't know what to do."
John Holt, on Character
Link for the Week

I've fully checked this site out and it is wonderful. I use it as my homepage to click on each time I sign on once a day. Feel free to se the button below to add to your own pages. It is a wonderfully easy way to make a small difference. I've Checked it out fully.

About Chantaclair's Parlor
Those who know me, know that I often apply much of my learning and enjoyment into what I have labelled "SPIES"... or the five facets of mankind. 

In the Parlor, I will usually include something to appeal to each of these intricate parts of my personality. In subsequent issues, I may explain this in full detail, but like the spokes of a wheel, I feel that if any one of these are 'broken' or neglected, the whole wobbles and is less useful than It could be. 

The five facets are: 

S - Spiritual
P - Physical
I - Intellectual
E - Emotional
S - Social
As I offer a little something in each area, I find that I am able to move into the day refreshed and refilled, once more able to pour from my cup. It is my hope that this endeavour will assist many of you as well, as we struggle through our daily burdens and difficulties to find the 'fixes' for our broken or damaged spokes. 

~ Marsha Steed

Tip for the week
~ Thanks to Karen Blaser for sharing this::

For those aching necks, headaches or injured muscles, an inexpensive and effective balm is to place two cups of whole rice in one of those orphaned socks we all find in the dryer and warm it in the microwave or freeze it in the freezer for a few minutes. This hot or cold compress moulds wonderfully to body parts and offers a comforting sense of healing at pennies per application. 
Notes - The background was created from a photo I've taken
The beautiful snow background was taken by my cousin DelRay Davenport.
---<--{@ Marsha Rose


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