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Issue 5 October 2000
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Seeing beyond.

In our pain we see only ourselves
in our anger we see our pain
In our guilt we find our anger
In our inadeqacies we find our guilt. 

Reaching inside inadquacies
Touch the hard prickly face of my guilt.
Soothing guilt with fiery anger
Reveal the soft pliable center of pain
cradling the heart's core of pain, finally, 
is the true revelation of self. 

Marsha Steed '99

""Male is one form of phenomena, and female is a second form of phenomena; in union they are together a third form of phenomena. But, paradoxically, that third phenomena - Life - is in fact a unity, of which male and female are merely component halves. Stated simply: The universe is the Two that become Three, that is truly only One." - Jonathon Earl Bowser
Link for the Week
A happy Halloween to each of you!  This was sent to me by and artist friend of mine.  Give his site a look-see and enjoy the images of the season.

The link for this month is for those who enjoy art, looking at it, musing over it, owning it.  A fabulous artists to peruse in the fantasy Genre'. 

Chantaclair's Musings

Sometimes, life has a way of teaching you things. Sometimes, it is things that you don't want to learn. 
Other times it is things that you already know, or it is things that you need to know, and still other times, it is things that you never dreamed you didn't know.   It seems that wisdom is both a mulpiplyer and a divider.  The more I learn opens up entre volumns, rooms full of things to still be discovered.  When I feel I have finally gotten to a point where I know something, it seems that is the exact moment I realize that I actually have only found double of the amount of things I do not any longer understand. 

Don't get me wrong, that isn't necessarily a bad thing.  I sit and fold laundry, and reflect on each person's life who wears that article currently under my hand.  I wonder and reflect on their choices, and mine.  I consider their weaknesses, their pains and their talents and successes.  Somehow a tangible bit of soiled clothing opens up worlds of curiosity. 

Learning opens new worlds to us.  It takes the small boxes we believe we understand, and creates cubes and octogon's and docahedrens.  It erases misconceptions, but it then reminds us of how much more there is to learn. 

Sometimes I find myself wanting to know everyting.  THen, I consider my days without somethign to learn, and decide that I only like the *thought* of knowing everything.  I only like thinking that it is somehow possible to one kday know all there is to know.  I don't ever really... want to know it. 

~ @ 2k Marsha Steed

Tip for the Month

   Preserving Newspaper

    Dissolve a milk of magnesia tablet in a quart of club soda overnight.  Pour into a pan large enough to accommodate the falttened newspaper.  Soak clipping for one hour, remove and pat dry.
Do not move until completely dry.  Estimated life : 200 years. 
~ Mary Ellen's Helpful Hints

Your Money
For recent news: 


        The California Air Resources Board said, during the week of September 12, 
2000, that they were maintaining their mandate for zero emission vehicles, 
ZEV, (electric) to become a reality in 2003. This will send all the 
Automobile and truck manufacturers clamoring to seek out practical, economic 
and powerful batteries to fulfill their needs.

A litle boy was waiting patiently in line at a store with his mother.  An older woman started up a conversation with him.  "Which isle did you like the best." "The toys."  "Did your mommy buy you something special?" "Not today." "My you have the most beautiful eyes, where did you get them?" 
Well the little one pondered a minute then shrugged, "They came with my face." 
Quick and Easy
  Orange Cups

Fresh, sweet fruit set into cups make a delicious and attractive breakfast, lunch
 or dessert for family and friends.

Est. preparation time:
10 mins

Photo courtesy of the
 California Table Grape Commission.

2 orange
2  banana
1 cup california grapes
Fruit of your choice                                


                                Cut orange in half crosswise; carefully cut fruit out leaving shell
                                intact. Cut orange and banana into bite-sized pieces.

                                Combine with grapes. Spoon into orange shells or individual
                                bowls. Makes 2 servings.

~Thanks to

Quote for the Month
-"Can't get distracted by a message" - About Lieberman VP Campaign 2k

Notes - The background was created by Chantaclair's Designs
---<--{@ Marsha Rose

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