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"I've learned that sometimes when you let go, your connection grows tighter. ." ---<--{© M Steed


Link for the Month

Circle Magazine

~ Circle Magazine - A writers dream

Next Month: - http://www.teehee.com/Reasons.html


Chantaclair's Musings


I've mentioned before how much I love the Fall. It may bear mentioning every year, for as the seasons change, so does my life. This is a new issue, after two years of inactivity of "Chantaclair's Parlor". In that time, my life has changed considerably. My husband of 22 year decided he 'had to move on'. While this may be a much more common occurrence in our time, than it was in our parent's time, it is no less devastating and no less a life-change that has taken me and my family awhile to adjust to.

September marks a time for me that eases me into my new life as a 'single mother'. There have been adjustments, joys, sorrows, many many tears, . . . but also a new freedom, a new focus and a new welcoming of whatever life has to offer. Change is never easy. It comes in with the force of Isobel and turns everything upside-down, inside out and backwards.

For me, it was not a choice if I could change or not, only the realization that I could go WITH the change, and rediscover my center or kick and scream and still have to face the changes. Luckily for me, I learned quickly that I am much better realizing that summer always turns to fall, that winter is just around the corner . . . but ultimately spring will indeed come again as well.

Welcome to the season of Change.

--<--{© 2003 Marsha Steed (Chantaclair Rose)
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I have a tradition that is my own personal reaffirming. I change my table decorations by the season. It carries me through my year with a marker for the seasons and holidays, and it allows me to use both my creativity and my feminine need to nest.

Next month, : Halloween Traditions. I'd love to have you send in Here something that you or your family does revel in the witchy holiday of fun and change and community sharing. Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you. ---<-{@ M

Tip for the Month

Use a meat baster to "squeeze" your pancake batter onto the hot griddle. 

Perfect shaped pancakes every time.

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Your Money
Nike is the winner for the month on the stock market - up 7%
and still moving. Bought a pair of tennie's lately?
NKE 61.27 4.02 (7.02%) 190.6

Here Today

http://money.excite.com/jsp/qt/full.jsp? symbol_search_text=NKE
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~ Interesting, must be the new English ~

Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht
oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist
and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a total mses and you
can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not
raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Frenakieg amzanig huh?

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Quick and Easy
Chicken and Dumplings

Cook Chicken breasts in about 6 cups of water till tender.
add salt/ garlic - 1/2 t each
Add parsley 1 T
Add onion salt =- 1t
Add seasoning salt - 1 t
Add carrots (2 sliced)
Add corn (as desired. abt 1/2 c)
Add potatoes (1 lg - cubed)
Add peas (as desired. abt 1/2 c)
Add celery. (1 stalk - slivered)

Make dumplings according to the bisket recipe on the Bisquick mix box -
Water / mix.
Drop by spoonfuls into boiling soup. Approx 8 - 10 dumplings.
Enough to cover the top of broth)
Let cook about 5 - 8 minutes
Turn over and cook for another 5.
Sprinkle fresh ground pepper before serving and fresh parsley
Serve piping hot.
Marsha Steed

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Quote for the Month ~

Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a

bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.

—George Eliot

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Word Origins - Trivia Time.

Did you know. . .

Dr. Seuss actually pronounced Seuss such that it sounded like Sue-ice.

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Victorian Conundrum
"The conundrum is one of the most favored forms of amusement for the social circle; the answer to this style of riddle generally contains a pun, and the merriment occasioned can be better imagined than described. " ~ Conundrums, Riddles, Puzzles and Games by Sarah J Cutter cira . 1896
Click HERE for answers.


Victorian AnaGrams


(or mixed up words that translate into another familiar name or phrase IE:


I CRY THAT I SIN -- One Word
STOP AN INGRESS - Two words: 2,11
BOLD HEARTS FOUGHT IN KENT - Five words: 7,2,3,5,5

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Book Review

What I've been reading lately, well, rather, ONE of the things I've been reading lately, has been the 'Dear America' series. It is a series of historical fiction, written for probably 8 - 14 year olds. I love the sweetness of the 'dear diary' format, and the rich details of life ranging from colonial New England, Migratory Irish Immigrants, Newly freed slaves and beyond. They are a quick read, and a delicious tidbits of history to file away for youth or as I said, I'm enjoying them. I would recommend 'half.com' to pick up a few at a fantastic price.

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Readers Comments

Dear Marsha

"When are you going to start up the Parlor again? I miss it!" ~ DL

"I used to look so forward to getting your Ezine in my mail." ~ CD

"Does it take too much time to find all of those tidbits? I can help. . . "


Ok, so here it is, back again! Enjoy and send in YOUR comments Here.

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I've chosen sponsor's that I trust and have used.
Feel confidant in patronizing them ~ Thank You.

I would LOVE to have YOUR company or page here. If you'd like to advertise at Chantaclair's, Contact me!

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I've traveled a bit in the last couple of years and seen some amazing things. I'll be sharing them with you bit by bit, or you can go and peruse at Chantaclair.com/Travel.htm

Click Photo for a larger view

Martinique - Caribbean Islands 1999

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HTML Tutor

This element is what the hyperlinked structure of the World Wide Web is based on. It is used in two ways:
1. Create a hyperlink to another anchor
2. Create an anchor in a document

<< a href="mailto:Yourname@yourisp.here" >mailto:Yourname@yourisp.here> Mail Me Here

 < img src="Yourimageurl.jpg" >

< mail to:YOURADDRESS@YOURISP.HERE > This tag needs no closing tag, but it does have several options that I've found helpful. You can add border sizes - Border="3" - or specify width and height in pixels - width="500" Height="500" - You can also link your pictures as I have above to a larger one.

That is all for now. . . more next month. how to draw TABLES.

Writer's Block

Rachel, A child of the dawn

The hollyhocks grew tall and straight this time of year. Auntie Flora bent over the slip of a girl with a patience rarely seen. “If I poke the toothpick through the stem like this, it looks like arms!” Rachel Tobin smiled up with the innocent grin of a seventh grader. Buds of womanhood blossomed under her shirt as tentatively as her personality snuck out from behind her wall of shyness. Chestnut sheets of bone-straight hair were kept captive beneath a wide white headband, Alice in Wonderland style, and liquid green eyes studied the procedure.

“Jonathon Michaels used to capture a bee inside of the blossom, yank it off and toss it at Kimie and me. It was a miracle we never got stung!"” Rachel's eyes flashed at the unpleasant memory.

“Jonathon Michaels is a bully in these parts, and his teasing knows few boundaries. He’ll tease until the girls cry or the boys’ll run. He’s three times bigger than any of yous, and half as smart, but brawn ain’t the master of this playground. Jist remember that Missy.”

Rachel nodded seriously as she put a daisy on the top of the flower for a cap. Now her hollyhock doll was complete, and she held it up for inspection.

“Gown of mauve, cap of white

fairy dancers sweet delight.

Garden pretty, first toy store

Spring’s gift to rich and poor”



“Well there girlie, that is a right nice dolly, kinda looks like you too, don’t you think?”

“Auntie, I have brown hair, not golden. There is nothing all that exciting about me!” Rachel laughed, but she was touched by the comparison, her aunt could tell by the light flush of her high cheekbones. This girl would be the looker, she would.

A baby gold finch fluttered out from nowhere, its tiny wings flapping anxiously. “Look” She whispered and pointed as the tiny creature tentatively cocked its head while perched on the whitewashed railing.

“Why its momma must be near. Think it fell from the rafters?” They both looked up and sure enough, a squawking parent was warning them with high-pitched instruction.

( TO be continued )

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Notes - The background was created by Chantaclair's Designs
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---<--{@ Marsha Rose

- Most of my graphic sets are available for linkware, or for purchase,
even the ones used in the Ezines.

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