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Chantaclair's Parlor
Issue 2  March 2000
An Ezine of Poetry, Humor, Recipes,  Hints, Links

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Time so preciously collides
with the past so leisurely strides
into the panting grasping muse
of those we can't refuse. 

Adventures await the young and strong
while experiences written and lived along
a life misspent, a life spent well
only in the face can one tell. 

On the threshold of freedom sits
the one with instruction's bits
 pieces shared with timorous aplomb
to the decider who knew all along.

One more adventure now awaits
the ancient one who leaves the gate
to walk once more among danger's grasp
will she return safely at last?

           ---<--{© Chantaclair Rose '00

"In our day those found in dishonesty aren't put to death, but something within them dies.  Conscience chokes, character withers, self-respect vanishes, integrity dies.  How cheaply some men and women sell their good names!" - 
Gordon B. Hinkley - Standing for Something p. 13
Link for the Week

Sorry Gentleman, the link this week is just for the Ladies.  I have found in this community of women, a most delightful bunch of personalities and the most beautiful pages I've seen.  If you like my graphics, you'll adore the many sisters who have contributed to make LOTH ( Ladies of the Heart )  what it is. 

Chantaclair's Musings
As I reflect this month, I think of all the thinks... :: smiles :: What a typo no?  All the "thinks"... I have to think.  I was going to say things I have to do, but in reality, I think it is more the 'thinks' I have to think is more accurate.  It is the things that we hold in our mind that make us tired or grumpy, elated or excited.  I heard once that it wasn't what we DID that made us tired, it was what we have not done. 

Since we are moving into a newly built home, and my oldest daughter is getting married only a month apart, all my 'thinks' seem to be constantly swimming through my dreaming and waking moments.  Perhaps in my attempt to make it through another day, I can turn some of my 'thinks' to those things that are gracious and good in my life and remember what I *have* accomplished once in awhile instead of only what I have not.  I know that it is the only thing that will keep me sane.

I read that taking ten minutes a day to do absolutely *Nothing* revives one about 50%.  I have tried it. It is very difficult to quiet your mind and not be doing anything but - being.  However, I've found it to be the best part of my day some days.  Try it, you may like it. 

So then, here is to wonderful 'thinks' and moderate stress in each of our bustling bumptious busy lives.

~ Marsha Steed

Tip for the week

To keep a journal painlessly, write down simply, five things you are grateful for each day.  Reading back later will define and remind you of where your mind was and ultimately keep you focused on the positive in life


Your Money
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This will be the main phone company in Europe that the tele-minutes will transfer through. Two weeks ago the stock was at 48 cents a share. 
Now at $1.40 a share. Keep an eye on it
In the Know
Note here - Since I have tried to keep things short on this E-zine, for a quick enjoyment, I am only posting a small sampling of this essay on the "Old Days".  Some may have already seen it but it delights me each time.  IF you want the whole of it, click on the button below and it will take you to a page where I have posted it in entirety. 

Anne Hathaway was the wife of William Shakespeare.  She married at the age of 26.  This is really unusual for the time. Most people married young, like at the age of 11 or 12.  Life was not as romantic as we may picture it.  Here are some examples:

Anne Hathaway's home was a 3 bedroom house with a small parlor,  which was seldom used (only for company), kitchen, and no bathroom. Mother and Father shared a bedroom.  Anne had a queen sized bed, but did not sleep alone.  She also had 2 other sisters and they shared the bed also with 6 servant girls.  (this is before she married)  They didn't sleep  like we do lengthwise but all laid on the bed crosswise.

Her Wedding was probably in June.  Why?  They took their yearly bath in May, so they were still smelling pretty good by June, although they were starting to smell, so the brides would carry a bouquet of flowers to hide  their  body odor. 

They took their yearly bath in May, but it was just a big tub that they would fill with hot water. The man of the house would get the privilege of the nice clean water. Then all the other sons and men, then the women and finally  the children. Last of all the babies. 
By then the water was pretty thick.  Thus, the saying, "don't throw the baby out with the bath water," it was so dirty you could actually lose someone in it.

Quick and Easy

Courtesy of Gourmet Magazine 

Peels from baked, raw, or boiled potatoes 
Unsalted butter 
Salt and pepper 

Reserve the peels from baked, raw, or boiled potatoes and cut them into 3 by 
1 inch strips. Arrange the strips in one layer in a buttered baking dish, dot 
them with unsalted butter, using 1 tablespoon for each cup of peels, and 
sprinkle them with salt and pepper. Bake the peels in a preheated very hot 
oven (450 degrees) for 5 to 25 minutes, according to the type of peel, or 
until they are very crisp. (Baked peels cook in 5 to 7 minutes, raw peels 
cook in 15 to 20 minutes, and boiled peels cook in 20 to 25 minutes.) 
Transfer the peels to a basket, sprinkle with salt and pepper if desired, and 
serve as an hors d'oeuvre

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 25 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Notes - The background was created from a photo of the Oregon Coast
---<--{@ Marsha Rose

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