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Kevin's Korner

There! I updated - Kevin's New Marching Band Uniforms.

The whole Band.

Yeah, I still like LEGOMANIA!

Click Here For Midieval

Weaponry Project.

My best poem ever. 

Lyrical poem 
Disney World

So much to do.
So much to see.
So big.
They were screaming
It fell.
The hat rose.
It was,
The Great Disney World,
Was fun.

Kevin Steed

MY School



    What I want for my birthday or Christmas

    This will be my list

    Lego Computor game - 
    Lego Creator - Knights Kingdom
    King Leo's Castle
    Millenial Falcon
    Destroyer Droid
    Any other Lego sets

    I spy fantasy - Walter Wick/ Jean Marzollo

    Playstation games
    Legend of the Dragoon
    Memory Card


    I'm all domne with Cubs now.  I got my arrow of Light.

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