A Few of our Favorite Things

Favorite Marsha  Crystal Brandon Derek Janeal Kevin  
Color  Red/Purple Purple   White Metalic Blue Green  
Food  walnut prawns Moms lasagna; pasta - esp. alfredo   Pizza- Sausage Green Chili Casserole Corn  
Candy Bar  Pay Day   Score Charleston Chew Hershey Crunch  
Drink  Milk   Mountain Dew   Root Beer Float  
Ice Cream  Medieal Madness I dont really like ice cream, but I guess sherbert. Or strawberry cheesecake.   Rainbow Sherbet Sherbet Vanilla Ė Medieval Madness  
Era  Victorian   1942   Future  
Game  Mastermind   Diablo 2 Card Ė Hearts Starcraft  
Hobby  Writing   Fixing and breaking Computers Photography/ Drama Play with Friends/ Legos  
Car  '65 T-bird My Grandma Grovers. Purple and I think itís a Honda?   Honda Prelude 1992/ 8 Blue! Viper  
Movie  What dreams may come What Dreams may Come, Runnaway Bride, Center Stage   Matrix Mysteries/ 6th sense Mummy Returns  
Song  One Tin Soldier I dont really know - something country?   Toya "I do"  EFY Medley Christmas Bells  
Season  Fall   Winter Spring/Winter/Sumr Winter w Snow!  
Subject  English     Drama Science  
Vocation  Writing Teacher   Loaded Photography Police Officer  
Sport  Dancing I donít watch too much, but I like baseball, basketball, and Iíve started to like football some too.   R & R  Basketball Tag  
Board Game  Masterpiece Monopoly or Life   Monopoly Manacalla Chess  
Hymn  As Sisters in Zion     I stand all amazed I am a Child of God  
Artists  Tons - J Waterhouse   Dmx Greg Olsen Picasso  
1 thing to save  Kids   Computer/ Hard Drive Pictures and letters Refused to Answer Derek's Computer  
Collect Tiny Boxes/Perfume bottles   Zippo's  Happy Faces / Fairies Rocks  
Animal  Cat Cat     All animals Frogs  
Place to visit  The world!  - Europe     Nature/ Waterfalls Friends House/ Arcade  
Author  Daphne DuMurier       RK Rawlings/ CS Lewis  
Word  Peace       Ball  
Book  Encyclopedia       Harry Potter/ Narnia  
Activity  Talking     Drama Playing WITH someone  
Poet  Edna St.Vincent Milay     Mom Mom  
City  San Francisaco          


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