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Free Form Role Playing ~ Hints and Tips

Laws of Mutual Respect

Greetings and Welcome.  It is my sincere desire that each person will find a haven here to hone and express their talents.  Delium and this community is founded on the principles of mutual respect and tolerance.  Respect for the player and for their creation, be it poetry, story, character or idea. 

If in the unlikely event that someone is disrespectful, they will be given a private warning via E-mail, so please be sure that you have an e-mail that is accessed occasionally registered.  If the situation doesn't improve, they will be asked to find someplace else to dwell, and if that doesn't happen voluntarily, I will use the perogative to delete priveledges of contribution. 

What I consider to be disrespectful is: 

Name calling.
Making fun of someone's work, in or out of character.
Playing someone else's storyline or character against their wishes. 
Unnecessary profanity.  ( The use of vulgar language to excess is prohibited here, we are intelligent folk and can think of more creative ways of expression. ) 

I reserve the right to add or change these examples as I see fit. 
Thank you all for your understanding and maturity.  I honetly doubt this needs to be dwelt on, but from past experiences, I do feel it necessary to have it available for clarity. ''

Most of all... enjoy your time here, and enjoy one another.  Look for the best in each person, we are all... merely here to share and enjoy. 

Lady Chantaclair Rose 
aka Marsha Steed

Gaming vs. Writing

I think it is an important discovery as well.  I am with the 'non' player crowd, having never played an off line game, never even knowing what "role-play" was until I stepped into the Vampire Inn one fateful night. 

Through the years I have learned much, even daubbled in V:TM, but found that it did not suit me and that free form was my home.  Like you, I've had difficulties with the 'upbringing' so to speak.  It is truly different races mixing hopefully amicably, sometimes not. 

For clairification... Delium is Free Form... in its purest sense.  Founded on mutual respect, other game 'rules' often not only don't apply in this world, but can be in stark opposition to it.  Perhaps it is the 'America" Of the RP world in a sense... a melting pot for other discliplines to hopefully find a place of harmony.  My suggestion would be to never assume that the other player knows what you know. 

On Writing

It can be a addiction, writing. Putting thoughts down in some organized form with rhymn and reason. Like a drug, it can take you to heights and mollify. It can dazzle and let you escape to a land far from the every day mundane. It can have the effect of other drugs as well. Calming a chaotic life, and sending order to otherwise unharmonious thoughts. It tends to be the best, and the worst of all experiences. 

When you place your thoughts on black and white they stare back at you like some accusionary finger. You suddenly have to decide if that is actually how you feel about something. If what is written accurately describes who or what you are. Thoughts so easily sometimes line themselves up like little soldairs ready for deployment. Other times, they come with great labor, and begrugingly leave the fingertips in an array that is sometimes less than pleasing. 

As writers, we worry that everything has been said. That our voice may not be the one to break new ground, but remains a mere echo of other voices already spoken. Till, it has been said that writers write, because they can not.. NOT write. It stands to reason that the addiction comes from the inability to ever quite satiate ourselves on word.

We are writers here... lets write and see what magic we create on our own.

Creating a Character
 I have found that the best and easiest way to begin RPing Is to come up with a  story of some sort. Some sort of difficulty, situation, or goal. Then decide who  you feel like experimenting with. Perhaps someone older? Perhaps a child? A vampire? An evil vilian? Something that you wish to see how they will react in  different situations. 

 Once you have some story, and an idea of what sort of person/ being you want  to play with, you can begin 'fleshing' them out. Giving them likes and dislikes,  attributes and flaws. 

 Be careful not to forget than most characters are more interesting to others, and  to yourself, if they are diverse. If your villians still have some weaknesses or  tender places, and your good guys have some flaws or temptations. 

 From there, jump in. Interract and see how your character will respond to others,  given his/ her characteristics and history. You needednt have an entire history  pre-written, sometimes it is more fun to just have a vague idea of where this
character came from, and then go from there. 

Though too much 'happy' gets dull, too little of it gets tedious. Afther the third 'war', it is old hat. Find  some other way to cause, instigate, react to, flee from... conflict. We all enjoy times of peace as well as the conflict that moves us. Let there
be spaces in difficulty and peace in trial. Conflict needent always be physical. There are emotional, intellectual, moral, social and spiritual conficts as well that are equally intriguing.

On Delium in Particular

1.  I'm the Abritrator here.  I will be as fair as humanly possibly in a flawed nature. :: winks :: But hopefully all old mistakes aside, if you are here to play you at least trust me enough to go with that.  If there are descripencies, I'll make a judgement call and it will be final.  

2.  I'll promise to be as unbiased and fair as I can and my judgements will be what I feel is the best for the storyline as a whole.  

3.  Please keep in mind that we are here to have fun. Everyone.  If it ceases being fun, I *will* put my foot down. I don't want any hurt feelings, and pray that we are all experienced enough to just go with whatever decisions are made and work with it.  Lets not be... :: clears her throat :: Poor losers.  :: smiles sweetly at her son's "GORE and BUSH"  lego creations that *still* do not have the lego 'WIN' on one of them as intended two weeks ago ::

4.  I have an excellent long time DM who I will approach with difficult cases who is not in any way involved in Delium.  His advice will be my last resort and I will abide by it.

Every nick name will be sent a note after around 30 days of inactivity.  If there is no response within 60 days, names will be deleted from the community.  I don't mean this as a disclipanary step, but it is counter productive to have nick names here that are never used and who never return. 

In conjunction with this, it would behoove all to check the box that says, 'allow me to recieve group Email'.  That way you will remain informed of what is going on.

 Friends, It has been brought to my attention, that it may be fortuitous to have a short  note of intent and explanation on the Delium plotline, and my intent as a player and as a  character. 

 I will try and be as candid as possible. There are several points I would like to bring to  your attention and consideration. We, as a group of highly talented players, and  wonderfully imaginative souls, come together in this forum, to express ourselves. It is for many reasons, however, I like to believe the highest of those is creativity and enjoyment.

 I have been working on the plotline of Deliumcenisis- Trianthem, since 1995. All of it, has been on Prodigy. It is a free form environment, and though that does not preclude 'system characters' ( Ad&d; V:tm; M:ta etc ) from being played within, one must also  realize that this environment has its own unique set of attributes and conditions. 

 This would be much like stepping from one country to another I would surmise. Thus, when you use something that is 'legal' in AD & D, you must consider that it may not react the same, in the environment of light that Delium is.  Secondly, I have opened up this story line, to virtually anyone who can and wishes to abide by my three personal requirements of RP. 
 1. Respecting others both as players and characters. 2. Retaining character integrity. ( No ooc during the play except bracketed, and as it applies to the game on *rare* occasions) and  3. Each person's character is *theirs* to do with as they see fit, which does not mean they can not be harmed, but it does mean that they can not be permanently altered, without the player's agreement. This is best accomplished, by allowing an 'out' and not proclaiming how your action affects the other character. Allow them to react to whatever you do. IE:: The difference between, "She brings the blade down quickly onto his chest, causing it to plunge deep inside of him" and "She brings the blade down swiftly towards his chest, her intent clearly to pierce him through." 
 Thirdly; My intent in 'running' this story line is not for some sense of power, or to gain a following. It is for the opening up and preservation of an entertainment form that I have faith in. I want *each* player to feel important, and to feel that their contributions matter to the whole. 

 This is a herculean effort, of this I am aware, but I am an eternal optimist. If I ask anything, I ask each of you to give me the benefit of the doubt when you feel slighted, or undervalued. Please come to me, and speak your mind in E-mail, or directly. I promise that I am trying my very best to ensure that each enjoy the play in their own preferred way, and understand at the same time, that one can not please all at all times. In these moments, I would ask that you would be patient, and look for the good. 

 I ask that my reputation would stand alone, in that I can be trusted to make decisions that I feel are to the benefit of all, though at times it may not be what you personally would prefer. 

 Lastly, I am trying to get together some history files and maps etc, to assist in making this land one that fills the needs and desires of the RP community. It will remain free form, for that is my chosen venue, and Delium herself, will maintain her integrity from inception to the present. I realize that not all my decisions will be agreed with at all times, but I would hope, that you would have faith enough in my abilities, to support
 whatever decision is made. 

 This sounds almost like a political speech... and in effect, perhaps it is. I am asking a group of people that I highly respect and enjoy, to join with me, and allow me to serve them in the manner that I do best. 


Posting Suggestions on a BB environment

A few suggestions for continuity and ease of finding what you are looking for.  

  1.  Try and post in the geographical location of where you are either headed or plan to end up. 

  2. If you are looking for someone to reply, make a 'tag' notation in the Quick note section for that person.  Unfortunately sometimes notes get lost in this format. 

  3.  If you are beginning a thread, and wish replies, perhaps invite them with ( The role of the shopkeeper is available if anyone would care to pick it up ).

  4.  A new post with no replies will be taken as an invitation for others to join unless specifically noted that replies are not wanted.

  5.  It is very advantageous to take advantage of the 'related discussion' option.  A thread that continues from a certain other thread, but moves in a new direction can be linked for clarity.

  6.  In this community, anyone is invited by the shear action of a public posting to join in any thread.  If you feel you have a character that would logically fit in, or have a reason to interract, please do so.  

If there are more private threads that you would rather not have others join, please make a notation.

  7. *DO* take a moment and compliment notes and storylines that you are enjoying.  Use specific comments, more than just 'it was great!'.  I've found that the more positive imput recieved, the better the writing becomes. 

  8.  Another suggestion,  If you know you are not going to be able to be around for awhile ( and 'awhile, to me is more than a week) it is a good idea, and a thoughtful one to let those who are interracting with you be aware of that so that they can concentrate in other area's or if you are not coming back at all, that they can tie things up.  

Several had good suggestions for storylines affected by MIA (missing in action) characters who were affecting their own storylines.  Please try if at all possible to be considerate.

  9 - Between 2 - 5 specific talents your character will use in this thread, which will be made public. IE: If you have telepathic abilities, IE:  Unnatural strength, the ability to vanish etc. 

  10 - Between 2 - 5 specific flaws your character will be impeded by which will be made public. 

  11 - One Gift that you do not wish to have public. Probably your strongest 'ace in the hole' 

  12 - A fatal flaw. This will not be made public, but I need to know how your Character can meet its end. 

  13- Three wishes. ThHink of your motivation.

  14- Two Item of either magical assistance, sentimental value or monetary worth which you will carry with you. 

  15 -- A logical means of support. Either you inherited money, your vocation, have a sponsor on your quest. I want a $ in Duca's 
  16. --Most of all, enjoy what you are doing, and try and make sure that whomever you are interracting with will enjoy it as well.


“Delium~ The Trianthem” is not considered public domain. Material contained within is considered copyright© of the individual writer. Please do not remove anything from this site without specific consent of the creator. Names, places and landmarks created by the writer remain the intellectual possession of that writer.  Use for personal or individual enjoyment is permitted, but nothing for publication either in print, electronic or paper form for gain is permitted.  Thank you for your understanding.

--<--{© Marsha Steed - 2/01 Chantaclair'sParlor/ Delium creator

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