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Who am I?

Interesting question, one I suppose I'm not entirely sure of . To me, life is a discovery of who I am... Other bits and pieces are mostly enhancements or detriments to that knowledge.

I have many interests, mostly along the artistic lines.

Music, many types, classical mainly (being a piano teacher brings that out) but my tastes are eclectic and run the gambit. I write music and sing.

Theater; the self-discovery of good theater fascinates me.

Art, visual and conceptual; I am a calligrapher and illuminator. Also an art docent for the local elementary school for 15 years.

I adore books, of varying kind, mostly again the classics.

I was a dance major, danced Ballroom in competition and in Romania and Bulgaria.

I love Italian food, Mexican, Chinese, French and American...I love people, and adore trying to please. Before I'll feel comfortable opening up and sharing anything at all, I have to trust. Trust comes slowly at times, and yet can be destroyed in a moment. It is very difficult to rebuild in quite the same way once broken. I could be many uncomplimentary things, but none of them are intentional.

My hair is my one vanity, thick long and deep auburn (now with uh. . . silver hilights. :: winks :: ) I love dark nights with warm cocoa and sweet unending conversation. I am intensely sensual. I adhere strictly to the doctrine I have chosen to adopt. I strive to be a tool of my Savior's.

My imagination is food for more experiences than I'll ever participate in. I hate to cook and love to iron. I've never had a broken bone, or to a hospital (besides 4 babies ) (Whoops, amendment - Knee surgery and a major car accident amends this. Broken Pelvis and Sacrum.) or felt the intense anger of another. (This too must be amended, much to my disappointment)

Talking is my second favorite activity, next to listening, but not on trivial matters. I want to get a Masters in psychology and am in my Sr year. I love having my feet rubbed, and nothing is a sensual as a back-rub. I am a Certified Massage Therapist.

I wear many 'hats' and play many roles, I am a compulsive person who tends to obsess on things until they are accomplished. I am sensitive, supportive, completely forgiving and fiercely loyal. I give my heart slowly, but when it is given... it is forever.

I adore Monty Python's Holy Grail, and have a side that is hardly seen by most. I dislike animals in the house to a large extent, adore the colors red, purple and sage green and have an open mind about many things. I am unafraid of a mirror or self-examination, and love walking in the rain. Sunsets delight me, and I do not like being poked. I am intensely imperfect, striving constantly for perfections in little leaps.

Much more to be discovered I suppose, but that is a start...


A blerb for the last fireside I spoke at: Marsha Steed is working on a Masters in Psychology with the intent to become a Personal Life Coach and Therapist. Her experiences with being in different places in the society of the church have led to many insights. She taught seminary for five years and has been the president of organizations, a bishop's wife and a single mother. She has served the community as a Cultural Arts Commissioner and School Site Committee member. She teaches voice and piano ( 20+ years) as well as being a certified massage therapist. Her work with the single community has included counseling; published articles and booklets as well as being on the Sacramento Multi-Stake Single Adult Committee. She is deeply committed to her family, grandchildren, the singles program and to the gospel of Jesus Christ.



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