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February 2000 

The month for lovers. Or is it just 'love'? My father is often on my mind in February. He was so good at having
something small to give to each of us, to let us know just what we meant to him. I remember so many holidays coming home to just a tiny stuffed bear, or a heart of sweets and a card. It became expected and as far
as I remember we were never disappointed.

I didn't realize until much later in my life that not everyone considered the day to be for expressing your love to everyone who you felt that deeply about. Most only
choose a 'sweetheart' to single out and allow to bask in their attentions. Surely we often have a special someone to whom our sentiments are focused, but for those who do not, and even for those who do, I would offer
the example of my father, who let a little girl, a struggling teen, and even a young mother know that she was part of his 'valentine' love sharing. 

My children and I have grown up through the years pasting and
gluing and cutting and making a grand mess. It was much more work in the years when I had four in school and we made 30+ a piece. Sometimes towards the end, I know it became more a chore than an effort of
love. Still, after all that those in our life do for us, sometimes it was important to just set things aside and focus on those wonderful feelings of 'love'. I guess it is still important.

Wishing you and yours a most
wonderful holiday with all the tender feelings that humanity is famous for

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"You inspire, you love beyond reasoning, you embrace the world with an outlook I can only imagine having, you care passionately about your art however it is expressed, you are a terrific mother in the face of seeming unappreciation for your efforts, you are gifted with an inner light that acts as a beacon to others, you are multi-talented and freely share those talents...

You continually reach out to touch others with your light, encouraging them to keep their own flame lit and shining brightly, you lift those who cannot see and uncover their eyes to the wondrous possibilities around them, your honesty is something all should strive for and learn from for it is never spoken unkindly, but with warmth though never coddling...

Candid; honest; imperfect.  Exploratory, literate, talented.  Eclectic, endearing, forgiving. Quirky, selective, intuitive... "

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