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October 2003

October is filled with sweet fun, pumkins and preparation for winter. My family and I went to a pumpkin carnival last night, and I thrilled to the families, the grandparents with 2 year olds beaming, and even the goth-dressed teens who were enjoying each other and just having olf fashioned fun.

We picked out a perfect pumkin to turn into a jack-o-lantern, rode the ferris wheel across from a skeleton in seat 13, ate corndogs and fluffy pink cotton candy in a bag. There was a huge slide, spinning strawberries, a haunted house and a corn maze. We had hard gumballs and hand-squeezed lemonade.

Now my son is hanging huge spider-webs, glowing jack-o-lanturns and creepy bats. I have a friend who carves his jack's with a deWalt power tool! It is a the beginning of the holidays. Starting with 'gimmie' moving to 'thank thee' and then 'for you!' and ending with a bang and 'I promise to. . . '. Such a wonderful wheel.

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