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Humans are adaptable. Things happen, and they adjust, the rethink, the resolve, and the move forward. Even the most foolish has inside of them, the will to survive. They will discover new ways of doing things, if their old way is blocked.They will search out new places to exist, if the homes are destroyed. They will make things better, reach higher, steel themselves abainst thefuture. America has done that. American's have done that. They have not whispered, but roared,that they will survive, and survive well. 
We stand taller in the face of challenge. Those who have attempted to harm, do not know the spirit of Americans. Those who would debase, have, as it has been proclaimed, "Awaken the sleeping tiger". The tiger of patriotism, the lion of ourfree spirits, and the roar will be heard. 

It is time to be grateful, and this holiday season I do believe that I will not be alone when I offer prayers of heart-felt gratitude for all that I enjoy. I will not forget those who keep me safe. I will not forget those who have paid in sweat and blood for the life that I enjoy. I will not forget.

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