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September 11 - 2001

11th - A day that will be spoken of in history.  Three hijacked airplanes crashed into the world trade center in New York, and the Pentagon in Washington.  My heart aches, and I can hardly function in normal daily activities.  I can't seem to focus, or to make myself pretend that meanial things matter.  This is almost more devestating as Pearl harbor.  Our America.  Our safety, and our fear all splattered across the radio and television waves.  It is incredible.  I was there, only a week ago.  It is impossible to realize, to imagine how many must have died in New York today.  It is incredible.  Frightening, in its scope, but... more frightening in the fact that we are not safe,not anywhere.  People who would do this, have no care about human life, no consideration for the magnitude of their actions.  All one can do is pray, to hope for what can be the future, and that somehow we can learn from this.  

Everything is closed.  All government buildings, all colleges, all airports and all planes are grounded. It is amazing.  Another plane crashed that was headed towards California.  America will survive, this time.  Yet will we learn anything?  

I have no control over what happens in the world, but I attacked my rose bushes with a vengence.  No longer are there running tubers going over the wall.  No longer are there thorns randomly and freely roaming, each have a place, and are even guided through the arch that surrounds it.  It gave me the only sense of order I can latch onto on this day of days. . . 

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"You inspire, you love beyond reasoning, you embrace the world with an outlook I can only imagine having, you care passionately about your art however it is expressed, you are a terrific mother in the face of seeming unappreciation for your efforts, you are gifted with an inner light that acts as a beacon to others, you are multi-talented and freely share those talents...

You continually reach out to touch others with your light, encouraging them to keep their own flame lit and shining brightly, you lift those who cannot see and uncover their eyes to the wondrous possibilities around them, your honesty is something all should strive for and learn from for it is never spoken unkindly, but with warmth though never coddling...

Candid; honest; imperfect.  Exploratory, literate, talented.  Eclectic, endearing, forgiving. Quirky, selective, intuitive... "

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