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"You can give without loving, but you can not love without giving"   I think in many ways this is the measurement, the essence of what I believe.  If someone loves me, they give things up, to, or because  of that.   If someone does not give anything, then no matter how many words are spoken, there truly is not any honest emotion attatched to the lip service.  "If ye love me, keep my commandments" Is probably much the same.  Love is a verb, is a trite statement, but nothing is more honest.  To Love. . . is an action.  It is not a feeling, a wish, a dream. It is what you *do*.  If you love someone, you naturally serve them. You sacrifice for them.  You give up what you want, for what is best for them, for what they want, or simply because you want to.   No action, equates with a lack of love. To love someone 'enough'... simply means that you are able to share with them your emotions through your actions. Take August, the month without its own holiday, and love someone. 

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"You inspire, you love beyond reasoning, you embrace the world with an outlook I can only imagine having, you care passionately about your art however it is expressed, you are a terrific mother in the face of seeming unappreciation for your efforts, you are gifted with an inner light that acts as a beacon to others, you are multi-talented and freely share those talents...

You continually reach out to touch others with your light, encouraging them to keep their own flame lit and shining brightly, you lift those who cannot see and uncover their eyes to the wondrous possibilities around them, your honesty is something all should strive for and learn from for it is never spoken unkindly, but with warmth though never coddling...

Candid; honest; imperfect.  Exploratory, literate, talented.  Eclectic, endearing, forgiving. Quirky, selective, intuitive... "

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