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The middle the year closure.  Graduations and moving on.  I've wondered from time to time why we take the summer 'off' so to speak.  I'm certain that it stems from the earth herself and harvest.  Times when farming families needed every hand to assist and bring in the chores, or perhaps the days were simply too hot to think, thus the youth were given those long lazy days to learn how to be children? 

I look ate long hot forecast and admittedly cringe just a little.  I'm moocher of a sweaters and long pants or skirt sort of gal.  My penchentfor victorian styles and the olden feel has often left me with a quiet gratitude that although I love to look, I am very grateful that I do knothole to wear all those layers and buttons, frills and feathers in 103 degree heat. 

So we have June.  Images of barbecues and kites, swimming holes and watermellon tantilize even the staunchest city dweller.  Funny how we get ideas into our heads of how things 'should be'. Enjoy your summer!

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The unsolicited 'who am I'... See if you agree. 

"You inspire, you love beyond reasoning, you embrace the world with an outlook I can only imagine having, you care passionately about your art however it is expressed, you are a terrific mother in the face of seeming unappreciation for your efforts, you are gifted with an inner light that acts as a beacon to others, you are multi-talented and freely share those talents...

You continually reach out to touch others with your light, encouraging them to keep their own flame lit and shining brightly, you lift those who cannot see and uncover their eyes to the wondrous possibilities around them, your honesty is something all should strive for and learn from for it is never spoken unkindly, but with warmth though never coddling...

Candid; honest; imperfect.  Exploratory, literate, talented.  Eclectic, endearing, forgiving. Quirky, selective, intuitive... "

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