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Smile, take what someone says as important.  I am grateful for that.  Grateful for Women and having a wonderful lunches together. Grateful for their smile and their laughter and thier difficulties. Grateful for all the breathing people, in all their idiocyncricies and all their difficulties.  I'm so grateful for their breadth and their depth and their innocence and their confusion and their pride and their stubbornness.  I'm just grateful to be human I suppose, in all of its splendor and difficulty, it is a wonderful gift. 

It is being awake during the cold spring nights, and awaking after dreamless sleep to flowers blooming.  It is looking in the mirror, and forgiving yourself of the imperfections you see there.  It is being angry, and forgiving anyway.  It is hurting, and going on.  It is being hungry, and feeding others, it is being selfish, and refusing to feel guilty. 

So much of who we are, of what we do, is so tightly wound up in being simply. . . human. . . . perhaps today would be a good day to consider all that must die, before it can really live. 

---<--{@ Chantaclair Rose

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( The old 'Who am I' can be found on any of the Archived Pages )
This was a personality test I took.  Some is true I suppose, but then, who ever has a clear view of themself  If you know me, see what you think.
Character and Personality:

 The following paragraphs concern the study of MARSHA's personality, as    induced by the positions of the planets and Rising sign. Some of the
 character traits mentioned may seem completely contradictory and
 incompatible. This is because the rough-hewn personality is a rarity.
 Usually, individuals are made up of a subtle orchestration of many
 different tones or aspects. However, serious introspection or detailed
 analysis should make it possible to distinguish the opposing or diverging
 images comprising MARSHA's overall character, and perhaps, in time,
 find the best and most harmonious way to integrate them.

 An extroverted intuitive (to use C.G. Jung's terms), MARSHA is open to the
 reality of the world, objects, and others. She has a special duality to her mind,
 which is made up of equal parts of intellectual resources and sensitivity, giving
 her great intuition and humanism. As a function of this latter, she has a great
 sense her fellow woman, and the oracular art of divining people's unconscious
 wishes and motivations - in fact, her advice is often sought. In material terms, it
 gives her a talent for locating lost objects, and a spirit of discovery and
 invention. Overall, MARSHA welcomes the signs arriving from the outer world in
 a positive and liberal way, and even incites them to promise more than they can
 provide. However, when something does not satisfy her, she has the ability to
 cheer herself up rapidly, and is quick to discover whatever positive aspects it
 may present. This involves a process of readaptation which requires formidable
 ego transformations, and they are the challenge for MARSHA. It is up to her to
 renew herself, to behave in such a way as to drain her environment of fearsome
 or threatening aspects. 
 MARSHA is usually perceived as an idealist. Deep within herself, she senses
 the presence of a " new life. " It is the crucible of her ideal and all her hopes.
 The " new life " may assume the garb of various philosophies of liberation;
 whatever they may be, they all endeavor to revitalize alienated modern woman,
 oppressed and downtrodden by Western civilization. However, in her striving to
 free herself and her fellow women from a social contract based on the power of
 sheer lucre and corrupt lobbies, MARSHA displays a singular inclination to
 depend upon the very social forces she intends to topple. The reason for this is
 that, because she is quite sociable, the only thing she instinctively grasps
 profoundly is social action and organization. Her perception of her own
 personality is vague or even negative. In fact, her grandiose personal gestures
 are motivated by a need to hide her unavowed feelings of inferiority and, at
 times, her fear of strong personalities. But she is above all an idealist. Hope is
 the prime mover of her spirit, and she is continually traveling along the axis of
 the hope/despair polarity. As she applies herself to ignoring whatever is
 impervious to her aspirations, MARSHA should acquire some certainty of what
 is still possible - for her and the world. In fact, in relation to her ideal, MARSHA
 behaves realistically, although others are unable to perceive her realism
 because she expresses herself in such an unconventional and eccentric
 She is passionately committed to the quest and research she has initiated, and
 will pursue it with determination if not fury. She judges and defines herself in
 opposition to society, and human relations are vital to the evolution of her
 personality. An elitist, she does not believe in human equality, preferring
 individuality. She seeks a way to unite them without abolishing their differences.
 She would like to create a utopian community with no ideological imperatives, a
 self-ruled entity which would recognize its own spirit as the only authority. Her
 definition of friendship is spiritual love, because it establishes a subtle, vast,
 and delicate web of bonds, not only between people, but between people and
 things. She imagines a vow of true friendship as a form of freedom which
 reassures the freedom of others, instead of threatening it. However, she should
 become aware that this ideal harmony, which is often rather difficult to put into
 practice, sometimes hides an unavowed fear of deep commitment to another
 person. For this reason, her love life is among the more erratic. 
 Warm and giving to the world in general, in certain special cases she may
 become cold or even distant. She is determined to elude any perceived threat to
 her freedom, and picks her way through a world of paradoxes and
 contradictions. Her sensuality is associated with her imagination, and she loves
 people not for what they are in reality, but for the way her imagination
 transfigures them. The result is many a cruel disillusionment. But when she
 falls in love, it's for real.

 MARSHA finds her work extremely rewarding. Daily life and routine activities
 are excellent sources of self-fulfillment for her.

 MARSHA tends to live in an imaginary world; the distant and abstract
 sometimes interests her more than what is right at hand and realistic.

 At the time of MARSHA's birth, her Rising Sign was located in Scorpio
 (the Scorpion), while the Sun was passing through the constellation of
 Aquarius (the Water Bearer). A summary of the various clues mentioned
 above provide MARSHA's personality profile; the following key words
 distill the essence of her character and indicate certain contradictions
 which may be sources of tension:

 Pugnacity - Independence - Charisma - Rebelliousness - Dignity - Originality -
 Shrewdness - Fluctuation - Concentration - Irritability - Optimism - Inventive
 spirit - Common sense - Sense of paradox. 

 Tactless and almost severe, lively and irritable, rebellious and haughty,
 MARSHA is bound to have complex and ambiguous relations with other people.
 She feels she is an exceptional human being, and her goal is to make her
 originality and creativity manifest. Convinced of her superiority and the
 originality of her mind, her faith in her solitary and individualistic lifestyle is never
 shaken. Her inventive, inquiring mind is much gratified thereby. Her sense of
 contradiction and taste for paradox will be a source of trouble in her
 relationships with other people. But she is bound to explore new horizons, far
 from the beaten track, in the hinterlands of invention and innovation.

 Born in the three days prior to the New Moon's appearance, MARSHA is said to
 be of the " Balsamic Moon " type. This soli-lunar configuration gives her a spiritualistic character closely attached to generous humanitarian ideals. She is
 sometimes sorely tried to limit herself to the narrow scope of individual
 ambition. Indeed, she aims for a humanitarian ideal which would include the
 outcasts and the unfortunate: she fervently hopes the meek will inherit the
 Earth. To bring about this ideal, she is likely to seize every resource placed at
 her disposal: physical effort, money (if she has it), speech, her writings, and her
 poetic or artistic talents. However, she should be wary of her unconscious guilt
 feelings. Actually, there is no reason for her to devote herself to her mission
 entirely; a simple daily effort should suffice to express her philosophy and free
 her conscience. Usually, the three days preceding the New Moon will be time in
 the monthly lunar cycle most favorable to her activities and her general energy

 Due to the influence of Jupiter dominating her birth chart, MARSHA has
 undeniable social ambition and many resources with which to achieve it (see
 CAREER POTENTIAL). Relatively confident in herself and her abilities, she has
 the potential to be a leader and chief. It therefore seems probable that she will
 rise to success. However, she should question herself about what sort of
 success she seeks, and at what price. She should be aware that the taste of
 victory may be bitter if she finds she has sacrificed other aspects of life, like
 love, friendship, or creativity, to obtain it. She must consciously select what she
 is willing to invest in order to secure honor, money, and social consideration.


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