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Fevered preparations, parties, swim and sun seem to be the words of July.  Watermelon, flags and family.  Forefathers and freedom, parades and fireworks all crowd around for our attention and our time.  Vacations and reunions, travel and cool lemonaid. Freshly cut grass, the sounds of children laughing and balls bouncing, being smacked, tossed and spiked.  Beaches and sand, suntan lotion and the smells of citrus.  Evoking any memories yet?  May your July be filled with things to carry with you through the long chill of winter. ---<--{@ M Rose

Interesting question, one I suppose I'm not entirely sure of . To me,
life is a discovery of who I am... Others are mostly
enhancements or detriments to that knowledge.

I have many interests, mostly along the artistic lines.
Music, many types, classical mainly (being a piano teacher
brings that out) but my tastes are eclectic and run the gambit.
I write music, and sing. Theater; the self-discovery of good theatre
fascinates me.
Art, visual and conceptual; I am a calligrapher and illuminator. Also an
art docent for the local elementary school. I adore books,
of varying kind, mostly again the classics. I was a dance
major, danced Ballroom in competition and in Romania and
Bulgaria. I love Italian food, Mexican, Chinese, French
and American...I love people, and adore trying to please. I
have a need to be needed I guess, before I'll feel comfortable
opening up and sharing anything at all. I could be many
uncomplimentary things, but none of them are intentional.
My hair is my one vanity, thick long and deep auburn.
I love dark nights with warm cocoa and sweet unending conversation.
I am intensely sensual. I adhere strictly to the doctrine I have chosen to adopt.
My imagination is food for more experiences than I'll ever
participate in. I hate to cook and love to iron. I've never had
a broken bone, or to a hospital (besides 4 babies ) or felt the
intense anger of another.

Talking is my second favorite activity, next to listening, but
not on trivial matters. I want to get a Masters in psychology
in the future. I love having my feet rubbed, and nothing is a
sensual as a back-rub. I wear many 'hats' and play many
roles, I am a compulsive person who tends to obsess on things
until they are accomplished. I am sensitive, supportive,
completely forgiving and fiercely loyal. I give my heart slowly,
but when it is given... it is forever.

I adore Monty Python's Holy Grail, and have a side that is
hardly seen by most. I dislike animals and children to a large
extent, adore the colors red and purple and have an open
mind about many things. I am unafraid of a mirror or self-examination, and love
walking in the rain. Sunsets delight me, and I do not like being
poked. I am intensely imperfect, striving constantly for perfections
in little leaps.

Much more to be discovered I suppose, but that is a start....

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