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Derek's Eagle
Aug 10, 2000

Written by his mom, Marsha Steed



As your 18th birthday approaches it is with great pride and joy to see you accomplish this important milestone in your life.  The rank of eagle has been something I have personally treasured in my life.  As time moves forward, I too hope you will gain the joy and satisfaction in not only earning the rank, but more of what you have learned from the process. Applying what you have learned everyday  will truly enrich your life.  Remember the Scout Motto, the Slogan.  The twelve points of the Scout Law accompanied with the principles of the gospel should be the basis of your everyday life and the means of one filled with much personally satisfaction and happiness.

You have the qualities of a great leader, and as you have learned, some areas in which you can even further improve.  Working with people and getting them to do what you believe is best for the task is a great skill that will assist you in your future.  Organizational skills need to be worked on as you have found out.  Little details often will make or break a great project. 

We are proud of you.  It hasnít been an easy task.  The things of life that mean the most usually donítí come without effort, persistence, and sacrifice.  That which comes easy wonít have lasting value or meaning.  You will have other opportunities in life where the application of effort, personal sacrifice and persistence will be required.  The personal joy and satisfaction is the reward.  Your efforts in accomplishing what you have thus far will enable you to move forward with strength and fortitude.  Your leadership qualities have grown immensely over the past few months.  There have been challenges, you have learned a great deal. 

Your ambition statement is a good one.  Continue to set goals.  Push yourself.   Let the lessons of your Scouting and Aaronic Priesthood days be the foundation of  a rich and rewarding life.  Understand the service is a key to life, one that adds joy to the lifeís we service and to our own life.   We believe that you have worked to earn this high honor.  Your climb has been in large part on your own, and in dual part at the hands of loving leader and family members.  Remember to show that appreciation to those who have assisted your path for no man climbs to the top of a great height truly alone. 

Congratulations Derek.  We are proud of you.  We love you very much. 

Your Mom and Dad

 The Eagle's Nest 

There they sat 
the men I admire 
faces shinning almost like a boy's. 

They blushed a little 
when their names were called 
and yet the reward was in their joy.

I watched carefully 
the youthful smiles 
that took in everything that was said. 

Years of service 
Moments of struggle 
All for a medal and official letterhead. 

A mothers face 
with a soft sheen 
a son's eyes glittered a forehead kissed. 

May my younger teen 
one day stand as tall 
as the face of the newest eagle dismissed. 

If I see him there 
I'll know the tomorrows 
will be safe within pockets of integrity. 

It will be my face then 
with misty eyes and a grin 
Looking at a boy who personifies decency. 

             ---<--{© Marsha Steed ' 98


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