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Mabon Darkfall Lord of the Manor

Vampire and Lord of Dreams

As it should be

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Mabon Darkfall's existence extends back to a time when all things were still possible and the presence of faerie folk or strange creatures was accepted without pause. The small village which was his home worshipped the cycles of the moon, and the hand of the Goddess was felt upon each of them. The women of this land were learned in the skills of healing and warring; their roles were equal to the men who stood beside them, and the land flourished from their attentions. His mother was skilled in the ways of the warrior, and he often watched her practise her skills in the field during those days when peace found them. Looking out over the land, he knew that he had been conceived amid the rows of the dark earth: that his mother, as Priestess to the Goddess, had taken the offering of the Dark God, his father ... and so it had been.
Darkfall Button As Mabon grew, he learned all he could of their ways and beliefs. Each revelation touched his heart and brought him ever closer to his own personal belief. He studied the plants and roots and learned of their healing properties ... he watched the movements of the animals in the forest and knew of their trials ... he studied the sky and night and noted the changes in the wheel which rose each evening overhead ... he watched the people of his village and saw their joys and sorrows swell and subside as their lives moved along ...
In his youth, Darkfall was approached by the wise woman of his village. When asked of his vision for his own future, he spoke without hesitation: "Learning that which I may and ever serving the Goddess as she sees fit." As the old woman turned to go, she glanced toward his mother with a smile and nod, her final words being, "As it should be." The remaining days of his youth were spent amid the younger children, learning of them and sharing his knowledge with them. His patience and soothing manner were well spoken of, and his talents appreciated by many within his village.
First taste of earthly pleasures
crystal1.jpg (13222 bytes) As the cycle of the moon turned from the harvest and toward the Darkness of the Season, Darkfall was presented with a gift - that of service to the Goddess. His acceptance of this offering was immediate and without thought as to the outcome of his decision. At the appointed time, he was initiated into the mysteries of the Goddess and assumed his role alongside her as the Dark God. His love of her was total and unwavering as he embraced the death of his mortal life and awoke to the call of darkness. In loyal service to her did he fulfill his duties, and ever would he ...
The end of this existence was accomplished at the hands of a band of invading conquerors. Their lack of understanding and desire for conquest brought them down upon this village and its people. The battle for control was short and bloody, as they vanquished those who resisted. Yet in an action of misplaced generosity, they freed Darkfall from the chains of his people, releasing him to the world ...

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An unruly mane of dark hair cascades to Darkfall's mid-back, often falling into his face as he leans toward others in conversation, and so he has developed an unconscious habit of running his hand through it to move it out of the way. His dark brown eyes are framed by a generous dusting of dark lashes. One notices the paleness of his skin upon meeting him, its sheen a strong counterpoint to the darkness of his hair and eyes. His slender hands are most expressive and soothing to the touch. His skin bears little natural warmth, and his caress is chill but not unpleasant.

His deep voice is normally soft yet always compelling; even his whispers wend their way about the hearing of the listener and offer a hint of his caress in his absence. Upon his body he bears the handiwork of the talented inkmaster Tattooed Angel: an intricate weaving of Celtic knotwork graces his chest, interwoven with three dark roses, vivid in their depth and execution.

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Darkfall and Rose
His normal mode of dress varies according to whim. While he enjoys the fineries of past days - cloaks, linen shirts and leather pants - he may also be found wearing the modern-day Levi's and leather jackets. His fondness for darkness can be seen in his choice of black for most of his clothing. About his neck lies a chain upon which is suspended a charm of an entwined rose, and one may also find a thong which holds a clear crystal against his skin.

Darkfall is graced with above-average intelligence and a charming manner of speaking. At times his manners are considered extremely outdated, as he has retained his training from days long past. Chivalry and honor are among those mortal traits which he still believes in and strives to maintain. He is a learned man who has spent a great deal of his existence in the study of religions and belief systems. He enjoys playing Devil's Advocate to those religious zealots who have lost their senses of humour amid this realm. He tends to be outgoing in his attentions and compliments, and enjoys moments of pleasant companionship.

crystal1.jpg (13222 bytes) Within the depths of him, however, are memories of times long past ... which sometimes surface and bring a dark melancholy over him. He understands the evils of the darkness which he has embraced, and at times yearns for something else. Despite his dark existence he has no streak of cruelty nor sadism within his nature.
His ways are not those of the warrior nor those of the priest. He simply is ... as always ...

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Darkfall is most charming and mesmerizing in his voice, mannerisms and gaze. He tends to study a person closely upon meeting and finds much understanding of others' inner secrets within the depths of their eyes. Able to shift into a mist or shadow creature, or to fade into the darkness, he also has a basic control of elemental magics, such as conjuring fire sprites or calling upon the breezes. He has a deep understanding of the powers of crystals and stones and uses them for their magical and protective properties.

Mabon Darkfall and his Lady of light, Chantaclair Rose
Striding the hallways of this world as a Lord of Dreams, he is of course skilled in the ways of Dreaming. His presence can be felt by those who call him friend as well as by those who know him not. He has the ability to read the thoughts of those who are emotionally close to him. While he understands fighting and the ways of the warrior, he has little interest in such battles; instead he has a manner which allows him to avoid most physical scenes without violence. His selfless interest in the good of others leads him at times to offer his assistance without considering the consequences ... and he has little desire to take what is not freely given, as is shown by his manner of feeding: he will not force himself upon a victim.

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Upon his arrival in the realm, he was embraced by those who filled the Vampire Pub with frivolity and gaiety. The battles among those walls were legendary, fought by many both worthy and less so. In that time, he found friendship among the likes of Lord Shaithis and Lady Alara, and love with Lady Elesa, his former wife and dark consort. Such memories of those times are with him still as he makes his way through the realm ...
The Goddess has since graced him with the presence of Lady Chantaclair Rose, Queen of Delium and now Dame of Darkfall. His sole heir and natural born son is Master Taliesin Darkfall, and he has as well a beloved adopted daughter Haile.  Of Chantaclair Rose he says, "Amid her quest for the pursuit of light, she found the embrace of darkness ... I stand as her consort and husband ... Mabon Darkfall."

Until Next We Meet


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