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Gift Helps and Hints for Holidays
The 'lists' for what the family would enjoy for Gifts. 

Help Me out here Family!


Things I may like to have someday -

Posted for my Family and dear friends per request so
they will have an easier time at holidays.


My back yard cleaned up -  Lunch out

My Lawn Mowed faithfully - Derek? Help organizing my Den - Mom?    A few things 'fixed' around the house that I can't do, like a Dog door put in - Tim?
New book

Joseph and Emma



Scrubs to Massage in.

If you want ot order From Pampered Chef. EMAIL me

WOW thank you B for sending me these! I was sooo surprised.

Easton Press Leather Bound
I love the Easton Press Leather Bound Volumns
800 211 1308

I have seven and would like 12
Fostoria / Sheffield
I would like at least 12 placettings

 I would like 
Teapot ( if they make it )
and 9 more napkin rings
 Half.com - Wish List - chantaclair

Onieda Satinique - Would love a service for 15
 Folding Chairs
A Cruise to anywhere! - Orson Scott Card (Hardcover, 2004) Massage Chair

Well?? Scrapbook stuff?
A couple of you have asked, and I'd thought I'd share with the others, just in case you wanted it, even though you didn't ask. :)  Anna asked, so I typed the first paragraph of this up for her.  She wanted to do a family gift, so that was what I was typing it up for - our *family* gift.
I've always wanted a Bosh... for mixing bread dough.  Brandon said it was
okay if I asked you... he'd like it too.  I don't know how much they
cost.  I'd also love an electronic mixer.  And of course, anything pampered chef.  You know I've always loved your large batter bowl, and there are some stones I'd love.  Like a loaf pan, a muffin pan, and the rectangular baker.  I'd
also love the measure-all cup, and the small scoop.
Also, of course I'm still collecting snowmen.... :)  (I've bought a really adorable one for this year, and I'm working on making another.  I made a snowman table runner for Super Saturday.  SO cute!)
What else.... I want the music book for Women of Destiny - the relief society book.  I have the CD, and I want the sheet music.

I would love pretty much anything scripture study related.  Well, pretty much anything from deseret.com or any church book store really.  :)

I've also been starting to want a sewing machine lately.  And I'd really love one of those personal laminating machines (full page size), and one of those large paper cutters.  But I know all of those things are expensive.  I'm just randomly throwing out ideas of things I've wanted for awhile. 

And any kind of house decor, I would love.  I'm kind of going with browns, creams and tans right now in the family room.  Although I'm not sure what color to accent with.


Okay, now I sound really greedy.... sorry... I was just trying to come up with some ideas for you guys.  But I know that because you're my FAMILY, that you know I'm not being greedy... I'm just trying to help with ideas.  And please remember, these are just IDEAS!  You know you don't have to get me anything... I just thought I'd help with ideas because I know I would love ideas from others if they came... (hint, hint!! :) )  Okay, I'll stop babbling now.  Love you all.  Have a great Christmas season.  I miss you guys.

Dentist stuff?? Knives
Brandon's new favorite store is Home Depot, he wants a bazilion things there.  Gift cards are always great.  Other than that, there's nothing really that he wants.  Besides an airplane or a motorcycle. :)

Help me out, something less than 400$ please?? UPC - Uninterruptible power supply  Gas Cards
Movies - Blockbuster Gift Card CD player for Truck Speakers for Truck

You like everything, I know.

2  PC 3200 DDR - 512 meg chips (Memory Chips) $53 ea 1 Radeon x 600 xt video Card - $151
1 Athalon XP 3200 400 (CPU) - $136 BIG Bag of Candy Speakers for Computer
Plain - nothing on it - Black Tie   Plain - nothing on it - White Tie

Grandma/ Mom/ Carolyn
Georgio Perfume Cheese slicer
Candle like last year - Tim? Melody Harp
Frames for Grandchildren's Pictures ? Utensil sorter for buffets
Backyard finished?

Loralyn's Family

Lo Mike Bryce Clorisa Jeremy
    Science Stuff   Bionicals - Gold something's army
    Fact books   science books
        math related

Tim's Family

Tim Jen Kayla Bryant Spencer Jacob
Tim - anything tools, sports, and maybe church related.


Jen - anything that helps in relaxation, anything pretty and functional (as opposed to just pretty), anything music, romantic-comedies (books or movies), favorite colors are deep jewel tones.  Consider my style to be a
"Dramatic Classic"
Kayla - really into jewelry, and getting really into girl stuff - not so
much little girls stuff anymore.  She loves to have her own bath set, crafts are fun for her, she wants clothes. Favorite color is (she says) turquoise or aqua green or teal.
Bryant - anything that will make him think.  He loves Legos, and anything
that he can build or put together.  He also loves books that tell you the
history or origins of anything, and books that give him suggestions of how to make or build things.  He is asking Santa for a walking, talking
elephant, and a game for the gamecube.  Favorite color is blue.
Spencer - Favorite color is green.  He is CRAZY about motorcycles, and horses.  He asked Santa for something Jimmy Neutron, and a computer game and
a motorcycle.
happy with just about anything that you can think of.  He loves lights and



Crystal and Brandon  

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