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Beatrice ~ Columbus' Treasure


 Dear Diary, 

I saw a boy got a sprained arm today. WE picked jobs ( but I didn't get any ) After that we went out on PE for 60 minutes. Also we had a baby-sitter and pappa made us some tapioca pudding. We watched "The Bride of Frankenstein". ( it was scary )
She brought a box full of old stuff.  We got to pick one each.  Mine was a pin from her great grand other.  She said that Columbus brought it home from the Indies with him.  I didn't believe her, but it is pretty. 

Tomorrow I have a story on Columbus due. I'm going to write it in here so I will remember. 

Mr. Ladd
Feb. 20


"Boy I hate this stuiped trip. All were going to do is fall of the earth. Or it sure seemes like it. In front of us is only sea, sea, sea.
It's making me sick."

"Well" I said, "We must pray. What should I say brave Columbus?" said I.

"Pray say sail on sail on and on."

"Oh shut up" I thought. "Everyone is hungry, tiered and weak please turn back" said I. 
"What shallI say in the morning?" I asked.

"Why at the break of day say, 'Sail on sail on and on'.

"Is that all you can say" I thought. We sailed and sailed adn sailed until I said, "We are so far away now, not even God would
know if we fell dead right now. Please tell me what to say." He said, 

"Sail on! sail on! and on!" Then we sailed and sailed and sailed and sailed. Then at last said I, "This sea is mad, he is going to eat
us up if there is one good word to say please say it when all hope is one. 

"Sail on." said he, "Sail on and on and on" I thought "I'm so tiered I can't een tink of any bad words to call him." Then all tired
and worn he stayed on oard and looked through the water and called the most blessed words I had ever heard. "land, land,

Columbus was very brave and he taught us a lesson. "Whenever you're in dought say, 'Sail on sail on and on'"

The End                                                   

...( to be continued ) 


I am grateful to the work of Sophie Anderson  for the picture of the woman on this page. 

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