ALoralee the Abandoned

Slipping through the door, the brilliant mane of hair fell down her back and over her shouljders. Aloralee chewed on her bottom lip slightly as she looked around the unfamiliar inn. She had only her pouch and a day's rations left before she was completely destitute.

Leaving her arranged marriage at the alter, was not something that was going to look good on her dowery specifications. No, she would have to make it on her own. The door opened quietly, just a creak warned her of the impending danger.From her bodice, she pulled out the sharp pin that had been handed down to her by her grandmother for her wedding day.Clutching it tightly, she silently vowed that no matter what she was not going back.
She was spared the choice, for as the door opened, a stranger's face appeared.He was dark with long hair that brushed his collar when he moved.She folded her arms so that he couldn't see the point of the pin and put on an engaging smile.

"Pardon me ma'am are you free?"

Aloralee nearly laughed aloud with relief.Yes, she was free... for the first time in her life, she truly was free. . . ( to be continued )

I am grateful to the work of J Waterhouse for the picture of Aloralee on this page.

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