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Aldonia ~ Choices Allure

'The tunnel' stood true to its name.  There was no room for two mounts side by side.  One would have to retreat one way or the other if either were to progress.  The tight weave of the brambles made it near impossible to slip by and Aldonia was keenly aware of his scent as they were pressed so closely.  The stone side on the left gave no inch to the crowding. 

"It seems that we are in a spot my good man."  She knew her voice was unusual.  The thick accent of the North of Vescule wasn't something that was easily disguised.  She had tried many times to soften it or to learn to speak as those in other Kingdoms, but usually failed miserably.  Her words seemed destined to be labled all of her days.  She brushed her hair away from her cheek as she patted Starlight in an attempt at soothing the mare's nerves. 

"Shall I back or shall you?"  The question was silly really, her way was a good mile and a half out of the tight corridor of forest while he had just entered no more than five minutes at a trot.  Still, she wasn't certain he wouldn't demand that she be the one to back by the look on his face of complete disinterest.  She mused silently if all the men in Vescule had hearts of solid stone. 

Waiting for his reply, her fingers laced through the lush mane of her horse.  She had raised this one from a foal and was uncommonly attatched.  The mare sensed her relaxing, but her nostrils still flared at the unsettled stallion that the man blocking their way was seated upon.  Aldonia lifted her chin slightly and searched the man before her for some sign of humanity. 

Without as much as a word to her, he began backing his mount back through the narrow cut through the thickly tangled trees and brush.  She could have waited till he was completely out before she pressed forward she supposed, but what enjoyment was there in that ? 

Pushing back her sleeves, Aldonia moved forward with every step that the stranger moved back.  He was as bold as she, for his eyes never left hers either. 

"Do you come through here often?"  Again, her inquiry was met with stoic silence. He simply continued his backwards gaite as if it was exactly what had been in his plans.  They moved a good ten minutes that way before the welcome sight of sunlight streamed through the entrance.  Something glittered on his lapel, straight ahead.  . .

...( to be continued ) 
More about Aldonia HERE


I am grateful to the work of Jonathon Bowser  for the exquisite picture of the woman on this page. 

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