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Lana Prout
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Marsha Steed

Calandar at Barcelona - Crocker Ranch
Serving The Community of Barcelona at Crocker Ranch ~ Roseville
~Summer 2001~

Owl Feather Talon Reach Eagle Wind Running Wolf
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The listing of families in your neighborhood who have agreed to offer their services. Contact them directly.
The board is not liable in any way for services rendered or for the satisfaction of the transaction.
The directory is on a volunteer basis and is for informational use only.

Owl Feather
Surname Lot # Family Members Skills
28 Piano Teacher; Babysitting; Computors; Flower Arranging; Victorian Pins

Talon Reach

Talon Reach
Surname Lot # Family Members Skills
Eagle Wind
      Surname Lot # Family Members Skills

(( The above are just samples of what can be here
Is there any interest? )
Advertize with us at Barcelona - Crocker Ranch

Advertising is available on certain
portions of this side
( Barcelona Community etc. )
The Rates are as follows:

1 line of text ( Free )
2 - 4 lines of text - 7.00
a month and 2.00 a month
for each additional line.

Graphics -
Small - under 1" - 10.00 Month
Med - 1 x 1 -15.00 a month
Large - ( 3 x 3 ) - 25.00 per month.
Per Year prices are also
available.Email Me for information.


If I design your logo, it is 25$ for the initial logo, and $8.00
per change thereafter. ( color, texture, size )
Complete Re-design is $20.00.

Samples can be found HERE

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